The Vortex Of Madness: Preview Space Riders #1 Out This Week From Black Mask

Space Riders arrives this week from Black Mask Studios and since the original release art for the book, it's been clear that we have plenty of love for wild underground and 70's comics being expressed on the new series. Written by Doc Unknown's Fabian Rangel Jr., with artwork by Alexis Ziritt, and lettered by Ryan Ferrier, it's a kind of explosion of strange energy and enthusiasm for the medium.

The teaser for the series looks like this:

aa2GDvHxdguLpAF_BX7niO__qUwN-9V1ZMfIxNg9TWGk1NXs-p4y1C1BuBGgyZRn4wI3UjiliL0yYojvCfFTZncFmdOPe7f0RF3xM4_g13CWd48Cf6Hk7eaCoknysaIL128N_wl_bH6tl41Lds4bJTvpYB28t7JX979aDhs=s0-d-e1-ftBlack Mask describes the first issue thus:

From the galactic core to the outer quadrants, one name strikes terror in the hearts of evil beings everywhere: the Space Riders! Sailing the cosmos in the Skullship Santa Muerte, Capitan Peligro and his fearless crew deal harsh justice to the scum of the galaxy while searching for the forbidden truths of the universe! Fabian Rangel Jr (Doc Unknown) and Alexis Ziritt (The Package) bring you a new and exciting space adventure that will destroy your brain! (in a good way)

And here's our preview of Space Riders #1, out this week on April 1st:
ZbopKikqSDbZmzZy_ZD5F4hkS3rE5X6adRZUC26xWvXZpC6pI1B47TC97Wg9MAg7lBTJqaVn0aurcBG9FHVsU9iecq0I0etMoEni0c2KpYUUXvFh3Jge-tR-QLFX_djqEVDu4m55XS6NWLUemzqa7ZpbpbeXgbeEcVKdwhg=s0-d-e1-ft 1 2 3 4

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