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John Byrne Creates Wolverine Origin Comic As If He'd Have Told It
For the last few years, John Byrne has been creating his own X-Men fanfic comic book, ostensibly what might have happened with the X-Men comic if he had not left, but instead had taken it over as writer and artist He has been publishing it on the Fanfic section of the John Byrne Message Board[...]
Are These Massive Spoilers For X-Men In 2016? Or Just 4chan/co Fan-Fic?
It may be nothing more than fanfic But if it's fanfic, it's certainly well constructed. So let's have a nice big spoiler warning shall we? After this, you take your chances. There you go The poster begins writing, Scott basically went public with the fact that the Terrigen Mist was killing mutants This led to a massacre of[...]
The Boys – The Fan Movie
Based on the original first issue of The Boys by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, as then published by DC Comics and now published by Dynamite, a fan