Are These Massive Spoilers For X-Men In 2016? Or Just 4chan/co Fan-Fic?

On Wednesday we talked about the gulf between Uncanny X-Men #600, with Cyclops as the savour of mutantkind and Extraordinary X-Men #1, with him as the enemy of all.



There were two instances of crowd scenes in Washington around the Monument that were the polar opposite of each other. But what caused such a dramatic change in a mere eight months?

Extraordinary X-Men (2015-) 001-014

Posted on 4chan/co earlier today from an anonymous source, is an account of what is meant to have happened. It is anonymous, I can offer no words of assurances as to its veracity. This is not a Bleeding Cool rumour. It may be nothing more than fanfic. But if it's fanfic, it's certainly well constructed.

So let's have a nice big spoiler warning shall we? After this, you take your chances.


There you go. The poster begins writing,

Scott basically went public with the fact that the Terrigen Mist was killing mutants. This led to a massacre of several hundred Inhumans by evil mutants orchestrated by Quentin Quires using the Hellfire Club's resources.

In the ensuing madness, Teen Jean tried to seize control over Scott's mind and reprogram his brain to rid him of EVERYTHING Rightclops related. Scott responded by unleashing the Void sliver from his brain into Teen Jean's which basically mindraped her so badly, she quit being a super-hero and went into hiding.

The thing that Brevoort is claiming will REALLY upset fans, is the big reveal that Quentin is now a mass murderer and that the bulk of the Yost/Aaron/Generation Hope Jr X-Men are now his "Marauders". Idie is not part of the group, and a major part of the An-AD book will be Idie, Laura, and the rest of the Teen X-Men fighting Quentin's plans to kill all of the Inhumans.

Similarly, the Magneto X-Men team in Uncanny X-Men is going to be working with Scott in secret.

So Cyclops revealed the truth and was punished for it? Is he the new Edward Snowden, Julian Assage or Lois Lane? It's an allegory for the responsibilities for the press?

And as for X-Haven, where the mutants are seeking sanctuary, that seems to make some kind of sense too. The planet thing was the plan under Marts/Remender but now if true, under Lowe/Lemire it seems to have been modified…

X-Haven is another dimension not another planet. It's a section of Limbo that Magik carved off and terraformed into an Earth-like pocket dimension; we will eventually find out that she had help from Umar, sister of Dorormu who Magik absorbed and not killed. Magik returned Doromu to Umar in exchange for their help splitting off a part of Limbo for the mutants.

Kitty is not done with the X-Men. Marvel's still pushing the notion of doing X-Men/GOTG X-Overs to try and push fans into abandoning X-Men for the Guardians. There are already plans for a fluff X-Over between Extraordinary X-Men and AN–AD X-Men and the Guardians books (Drax, GOTG, and Star Lord) that will do nothing for the X-Men but basically make them glorified extras for whatever bullshit Bendis is writing for Guardians. The X-Over will run sometime in 2016, most likely during the summer.

Ucanny X-Men is a containment book; basically it will be the book for people who don't want to deal with Extraordinary X-Men and AN-AD X-Men stuff. It will be loosely connected through Cyclops getting help from the team, but Scott won't be in every issue. The series will be similarly in tone with Yost's X-Force in that it will deal with the anti-mutant bigotry being on the rise and Magneto's team basically going after the new batches of hate groups popping up.

Bendis's rdesign of Dazzler will be done away with by the end of A-Force's first year. Dazzler being on the team will be addressed as her being there as a favor to Rogue, who wants Alison helping her deal with the PR fight dealing with anti-mutant bigotry. A-Force and Uncanny Avengers are going to also cross over sometime in 2016 too.

Then answering more questions…

[On Pixie] She's part of Quentin Quire's kill squad. And killed a lot of innocent Inhuman kids as part of the massacre. One of the plotlines you'll be seeing in Inhumans will be a LOT of Inhumans wanting Pixies dead for her role in the massacre and Beast holding out hope that he can prove she and the rest of the X-Babies was mentally controlled by Quentin to save her.

Quentin went full-on evil because of Logan's death. Quentin felt the X-Men let Logan die and didn't do a thing to save him. Also, his new girlfriend died from the Terrigin Mist and Scott lies to Quentin when he confronts the X-Men about why mutants are dying everywhere.

Also, Scott only goes public because Rogue threatens to do so first. Scott is willing to stay quiet for Beast's sake (since Beast is negotiating with Black Bolt to get the Inhumans to help find a cure and he will only agree to it if they keep quiet about the whole thing being the Inhumans fault) but Rogue doesn't care. So Scott martyrs himself for Rogue, pissing off Beast in the process. Medusa has to intervene to keep the deal with Beast going, which causes her split with Black Bolt. After Scott goes public and Quentin carries out his massacre, Black Bolt would rather see mutantkind wiped out, causing Medusa to dump him.

[On Gambit and Pixie] Sage ain't showing up anytime soon. Gambit will be re-accurring on Ucanny Avengers; he and Rogue will be an on-again/off-again couple but Gambit will decline being tied to the team full-time.

Also, the big resurrection in Uncanny Avengers? It's Morph. He'll have his 90s X-Men costume though as Marvel plans on exploiting the 90s era nostalgia with him on the team.

Saying 4chan is reliable or unreliable is a fools errand, there are only different individuals who post differently and anonymously. Some have posted for years, some never before. Sometimes right, sometimes wrong, sometimes pure fiction, depending on the person who posts. You never can tell… but it's always fun to guess.

Doing what checking I can late on a Saturday, the one mention of Dazzler being redesigned is incorrect. But it's also worth remembering that these three posts, though somewhat stylistically similar could have been written by three different people…


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