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Democracy Comes To Krakoa (X-Men #16 Spoilers)
Well, the solicitation did describe that they would have to "battle an all-too-familiar specter of the holiday season-albeit one now twisted and controlled by the recent invasion of Earth by the symbiote homeworld." Credit: Marvel Iron Man/Doctor Doom #1 In the Marvel Universe, it is believed that Odin inspired the legend of Father Christmas Still, the character[...]
The Doctor And Santa Are Back…. A Christmas Preview
Nick Frost is Father Christmas – but we also seem to have a Misfit of an elf as well The preview of this year's Doctor Who Christmas Special from BBC's charity telethon Children In Need last night… [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MsxEenCBRG0[/youtube] She's not… showing, is she? Donations can be made right here… [...]