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Mythic Legions Retailer Appreciation Wave Fully Revealed

The retailer appreciation wave of Mythic Legions figures has been fully revealed! Check them out here and preorder next Wednesday.

Mythic Legions collectors are a family, from Four Horsemen Studios, through their approved retailers, to those of us who gobble them up as soon as we see them. They take care of their fans, but they also do a lot for their retailers, and to show even more thanks they have revealed an exclusive wave for just them. We already told you about the redeco of their Headless Horsemen the other day, and three more figures have been revealed. First, a redeco of their popular Father Christmas figure, this time adorned in a fantastic green robe and some other paint changes. Next, a Blue Hagnon figure, one that has been fan requested for a long time. Finally today, Lijae, of the Elven Elite Guard was revealed to round out the wave. All four will go up for preorder through approved retailers next Wednesday, March 1st. You can see the retailer list here, and check out the figures below.

Mythic Legions Retailer Appreciation Wave Fully Revealed
Credit Four Horsemen Studios

Mythic Legions Retailer Appreciation Wave Details

"Figura Obscura release – a new green robed version of Father Christmas! The new version of this figure comes with the same incredible amount of accessories that the first one did, but nearly everything has been repainted! Santa's toys are all done in new colors, one of his heads now has a brown beard, his tree is snow-covered, and of course his robes are now green with brown fur! Even the two "surprise heads", which are obviously no longer a surprise, have been repainted in gold and black, perfect for use with a variety of Mythic Legions figures (including some we have yet to reveal). He also comes with a brand new belt (as well as the original), which you can see in the photo!"
Mythic Legions Retailer Appreciation Wave Fully Revealed
Credit Four Horsemen Studios

"Blue Hagnon has become something of a legend in the Legions community, and he actually came pretty close to making it into All Stars 5 last year! We decided that with all that support, it was time to raise this noble warrior from the dead, but instead of just reissuing Hagnon and changing his green glow to blue, this is actually a BLUE Hagnon! Not only will he glow blue, but HE IS BLUE! We imagine that Cullun Culp is losing his mind right now, and he's probably happy he doesn't have to make all those "Vote Blue Hagnon" graphics this All Stars voting season!"

"The fourth and final reveal for the "2023 Approved Retailers Appreciation Wave" is a brand new figure which has never been released before – Lijae, of the Elven Elite Guard! This figure was created through a partnership with one of our retailers, making it a logical inclusion in this "Retailer Only" wave! This figure actually includes a brand new head sculpture featuring a fans' likeness! That head also includes a new removable helmet, and that helmet also fits on the additional half-orc head that is included with this figure. In addition to these two heads, this figure comes with 2 sets of upper arms and upper legs (armored and unarmored), so you can change out how these parts look. The figure also comes equipped with an elven short sword and shield, plus a long bow and quiver."
This wave is aiming to be shipping to fans in late 2023/early 2024.

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