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  According to a report on n1ntendo (translated by ResetEra), EA may be adding the UEFA Champions League and Europa League licenses to FIFA 19 The rumor comes from translated footage of a Dutch football commentator Evert ten Napel, who said during the finals of a Dutch FIFA tournament that EA will be adding the two licenses in the[...]
According to Nintendo France, EA is "satisfied" with the sales performance of FIFA 18 on the Nintendo Switch Nintendo also teased further announcements to come in that vein. Talking to French outlet Les Numeriques, Philippe Lavoué, general manager of Nintendo France,  said that FIFA 18 on the Switch was a "test match" for EA, which is satisfied with the[...]
While the ESRB has already disagreed with that opinion, the trouble over Battlefront seems to have sparked players of other EA titles to start their own protests. FIFA 18 players upset over how EA handled the game have started a boycott under the tag #FixFIFA. Reddit user SSROCK posted on the FIFA subreddit, asking for fans to boycott the[...]
EA Announces The FIFA 18 Global Series
EA has announced the largest tournament ever for FIFA with the EA Sports FIFA 18 Global Series which funcctions as the road to the FIFA eWorld Cup in 2018 That this is the largest tournament ever for FIFA feels like an over-sell, but they are technically correct The Global Series will include both pro and non-pro teams in[...]
It may only be the fifth most popular sport, but EA's FIFA 18 is the game all football fans have been waiting for FIFA's had a busy week, announcing Cristiano Ronaldo as the cover athlete, but what we all really want to know is, what's next for Alex Hunter? And it looks like he's back. The new[...]
EA confirmed that the custom built FIFA game for Nintendo Switch will in fact be FIFA 18 EA Chief Competition Officer Pete Moore confirmed the title in an interview with Gamereactor, saying, "Well, as we have said, we are custom-building a FIFA version for the Nintendo Switch." Moore later noted, "It will be FIFA 18, and it[...]
Russian MPs Call For FIFA 17 To Be Banned Because Of 'Gay Propaganda'
Back in November, EA added a free kit into FIFA 17's Ultimate Team mode for players who wanted it It was in support of Rainbow Laces, a pro-LGBT movement about making sport more accepting to other sexual orientations. Show your support, get your FREE Rainbow kit in FUT now! More on the #RainbowLaces campaign: — EA[...]
Iceland Refused To Be In FIFA 17 Because EA Low Balled The Offer Say KSI
They captured a lot of the football community's heart with their antics, so you'd expect to see the team turn up in FIFA 17, right? Well, sadly, that is not the case EA did get in contact with the KSI (Icelands' footballing board) about obtaining the rights to the team, but they declined saying that the[...]
FIFA 17 Is Getting A Story Mode Called The Journey
Well, this was pretty bizarre, but quite interesting. Taking a leaf out of 2K's NBA book, FIFA 17 has just announced The Journey. It is essentially a story mode for the game where you will take control of a new player coming up into the Premiere League It's as out there as it sounds Trust me. Take a[...]
Here Is What Is New In FIFA 16's Career Mode
In fact when I play Madden and FIFA each year, I almost always end up skipping past a ton of games to get the story of my team going quicker. That is why I always have an eye on what is new in FIFA's career mode This video catches us up with that specifically[...]
Women Players To Grace The FIFA 16 Cover In Canada And US
One of the big new features coming to the FIFA 16 this year is the inclusion of Women's national teams This had been asked after for years, and what with the Women's World Cup just gone, it makes a lot of sense for the introduction to come this year. If you are in Canada or the United[...]
FIFA, The Comic Book…
The IR$ series is a French comic  about, you guessed it, an IRS agent. Written by Stephen Desberg, drawn by Bernard Vrancken,  published by Le Lombard in
Women's International Teams Are Coming To FIFA 16
Women's football has long been an asked for feature in EA Sport's FIFA series It seems that every year we have the same conversation as interviewers asking where women's teams are and EA dancing around the question, promising that some day it will come. That day will finally come and it will be this year[...]