FIFA 17 One Of Three Games Shortlisted For Writer's Guild Award For Its Writing


Well, here is something I didn't expect to ever see.

Writers Guilds are often have a weird line-up of games nominated for their awards. That is because of the strange hoops that need to be hopped to qualify, but 2016's selection from the Writer's Guild of Great Britain is… interesting. The three shortlisted games for the games writing category are FIFA 17, Virginia, and Fragments of Him.

This is a weird list. For one, FIFA 17 is on there. The football game. Granted, the title did have a pretty decent story mode this year, The Journey, so all of the nominations would have come from there. Still, it's a strange thing to see.

Secondly, Virginia is a game without any spoken dialogue. It of course was still 'written', but odd to see it turn up at a writer's guild. Thirdly, Fragments of Him was a pretty tepidly recieved narrative experience that fell somewhat into abscurity in such a packed year of quality.

Good on all of them for getting nominated, but I would probably go to a few different titles myself…


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