EA Announces The FIFA 18 Global Series

EA Announces The FIFA 18 Global Series

EA has announced the largest tournament ever for FIFA with the EA Sports FIFA 18 Global Series which funcctions as the road to the FIFA eWorld Cup in 2018. That this is the largest tournament ever for FIFA feels like an over-sell, but they are technically correct. The Global Series will include both pro and non-pro teams in official league competitions and online FUT Champion competitions.

The whole thing kicks off on November 3 and will culminate in the FIFA eWorld Cup 2018 next year. The worldwide competition includes several stages, with each competitor qualifying based on FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) Champions Weekend League online performance as well as at live qualifiers during the year.

Those of you FIFA fans wanting to compete will have the opportunity to represent their favorite soccer clubs through official league competitions, or via online FUT Champion competitions which will end in live tournaments in January and April. Competitors signed to pro teams will also be able to compete in an all-star tournament in an attempt to keep things somewhat fair.

During the qualifying stage, both EA and FIFA will invite the 128 highest-ranked players- the top 64 PlayStation 4 players and top 64 from the Xbox One- to advance to the playoffs. The top 32 players in the playoffs will advance to the FIFA eWorld Cup, with the number one player from the eWorld Cup becoming the world champion of FIFA 18.

Full details are available on the tournament's official website.

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