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Cruel And Unusual Punishment In The Final Issue Of Teen Titans (SPOILERS)
***SPOILERS ***SPOILERS ***SPOILERS ***SPOILERS ***SPOILERS ***SPOILERS *** In the final issue of Teen Titans before the relaunch, issue 100 out today, we see the conclusion of, well, pretty much every storyline And specifically the life and times of Superboy Prime Just as he was responsible for punching reality and causing all sorts of continuity amends and[...]
Final Issue Of Gotham Sirens Is Rather Close To The 9 11 Bone (SPOILERS)
***SPOILERS ***SPOILERS ***SPOILERS ***SPOILERS ***SPOILERS ***SPOILERS *** In the final issue of Gotham Sirens before the relaunch, issue 26 out today, it's very much an ending of ways As the truth about the initial setting up of the trio of bad girls gone good-ish comes to the fore, and it doesn't go that well for everyone. Basically,[...]
A Very, Very Final Issue Of JSA (SPOILERS)
***SPOILERS ***SPOILERS ***SPOILERS ***SPOILERS ***SPOILERS ***SPOILERS *** In the final issue of Justice Society Of America before the relaunch, we see the first Flash, Jay Garrick making a promise to Jesse Quick that, well, he's just not going to be able to keep. And as there is no initial version of JSA appearing in the first few[...]
Final Issue Of Wonder Woman Leads Into Relaunch (SPOILERS)
***SPOILERS ***SPOILERS ***SPOILERS ***SPOILERS ***SPOILERS ***SPOILERS *** In the final issue of Wonder Woman before the relaunch, issue 614 out today, we get an conclusion to the Odyssey storyline started by J Michael Straczynski, and a nice big splashy optimistic end. But as realities twist around her and reform into a world we're more familiar with, we're[...]