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The Biggest Comic Convention In America… Is In South America?
The FIQ – International Comic Book Festival, held in Belo Horizonte, Brazil last month is the largest comic convention in the American continents With 148,000 beating San Diego's capped 130,000 attendees. It may pale against the likes of Japan's Comiket and France's Angouleme, but it's a lot closer for the average American than either of those[...]
That Brazilian Marvel Panel On Video… Including Iron Fist Hint Hint
There may have been a hundred and fifty thousand people at Brazil's FIQ Comic Con but at the time of writing, only twelve have seen this video of the Marvel panel since it was uploaded two days ago I think we can do something about that. The clip above sees CB Cebulski and Matt Fraction talking[...]
Leinil Yu To Draw Avenging Spider-Man #5
CB Cebulski of Marvel announced it last week at the massive Brazilian comic convention FiQ, with MArvel attendance including Matt Fraction and Kelly Sue DeConnick As well as telling people that The Defenders will see individual issues focus on individual characters, with issue 4 focusing on Doctor Strange, issue five on Namor, with art by Mitch[...]