Civilization VI Frontier Pass

Here's Why Play-By-Cloud Multiplayer Isn't Working In Civilization VI

Last week, Civilization VI added a new DLC pack, the first part of the New Frontier Pass that will supply Civ 6 players with new content through March 2021. Along with the release came a surprise: the base game of Civilization VI was released for free on the Epic Games Store. Naturally, that gained a […]

XCOM 2 Collection is Coming to Xbox One and PS4 This Week

2K Games and Firaxis are preparing to release the XCOM 2 Collection for the truly obsessed fans as it will hit shelves on August 14th This is the console version as the collection already came out in PC back in early 2018, and now we have an idea of everything that will be included in the[...]

Georgia Gets Added as the Latest Empire in Civilization VI

Firaxis and 2K Games got together to add a slew of new options, and the latest empire to be added to the mix is Georgia, which will be led by Tamar Georgia has the ability called "Strength In Unity", which will give several bonuses to the player as you enter a Golden Age Meanwhile, Tamar herself[...]

Civilization VI

Civilization 6 is Out Now on iPad, and the First 50 Turns are Free

Civilization 6 has found its way onto iPad today, working on some of the more powerful units. More than that, though, you'll be able to try the first portion of a game for free. Coming alongside other high profile iOS releases of late like Inside and Life is Strange (not Cuphead), it seems a great […]

Civilization VI

Civilization 6's First Expansion Announced: Rise And Fall

Civilization 6 came out last year, with developer Firaxis slowly tweaking and adding content to reach the game's full potential While the title didn't seem to bang as hotly with the community as Civilization 5 did, what's there now is a stellar 4x title It's about to get better, too.Finally, the game's first expansion has[...]

Civilization 6 Introduces Germany Faction In New Video

The Civilization 6 roster is growing fast. Leaders and nations are being added ever increasingly, and unsurprsingly a new one has just been announced during Gamescom. Fittingly, the new nation is Germany, who get the leader Frederick Barbarossa, the once King and Empreror. The civilization, as before, is focused on industry with a slant towards military […]

Watch Nearly An Hour And A Half Of Civilization 6 Gameplay

This video shows Firaxis playing as Brazil in the early part of the game It's really handy to figure out what is different, and how the new features of the game will actually affect the moment to moment.Take a look here: Many of us are quite excited to lose a decent portion of our lives[...]

XCOM 2 Is Coming To PlayStation 4 And Xbox One

Firaxis have today announced that the game is going to be coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One It will hit September 6th on both consoles. should look into it too if you haven't gotten hands on with the game It's a brilliant sequel to the first game and hopefully it won't be plagued by[...]

Civilization 6 Has Been Announced And It's Out This Year

It seems the biggest change, or at least the biggest change Firaxis is currently talking about, is how cities work No longer are they just tiles you build on, but subdivisions in which to specialise your great holds.Take a look at the announcement trailer here It won't show you much of the game, but it[...]

XCOM 2 Is Getting Pretty Wacky Cosmetic DLC Next Week

One of my favorite things about XCOM 2 is the customization you can bring to your soldiers. I can spend hours organizing my team's look just as I want them, making sure I have the coolest multi-national alien fighting team there is. Well, those customization options are improving next week with DLC full of new […]

XCOM 2 Devs Didn't Expect Performance Problems But Is Working On Fixes

There are many who have had problems with the game, and the claims are pretty widespread.It seems that these issues caught Firaxis by surprise Speaking to RPS, the game's lead designer Jake Solomon explained this caught him unawares, and that the team is currently working incredibly hard to right it. Maybe this is damning on me, but I’m[...]

XCOM 2 Review: X-Calation

It creates a careful balancing act where you feel powerful, but also on the verge of being outgunned, and it's really quite awesome to see just how Firaxis spin all those plates It makes sure, even though you might be armed to the teeth, you won't be sure exactly what each encounter will throw at[...]

XCOM 2 Has Been Delayed To Early 2016

In a statement, Firaxis stated: We’ve set a high bar for the sequel and the entire team has been working hard to make sure we deliver a great follow-up to Enemy Unknown We just need a little more time to make it the best possible game. This is great news, honestly There are so many games out[...]

Get A Look At How Your Base Is Going To Work In XCOM 2

I keep forgetting that XCOM 2 is so soon. The tactical alien invasion game will be with us in November, and comes as a sequel to 2012's surprise hit XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Here is a nice long video to get you primed too. It shows the intoduction to your new base 'The Avenger', which is […]

Civilization Franchise Has Now Sold Over 31 Million Copies

The Civilization franchise has stolen hundreds of hours for me. It's gotten to the point now where I won't allow myself to play it unless I have at least three hours free ahead of me. The game is so addictive, it is insane how quickly time disappears when playing it. And I know I'm not […]

XCOM 2 Gameplay Surfaces After E3

I got to see a bunch of XCOM 2 at E3 this year, and… well, it was a lot of XCOM. It is pretty much what you would expect from a sequel to the game, only this time, it had a lot more scripted 'cut-scene' type interjections. If they work as advertised, that is exactly the […]