Wednesday Trending Topics: It's The End Of The World As We Know It

Definitely something in the air in the comicverse this week — finality and anticipation.  DC's done a masterful job of building up to this point, and of course… that means now they gotta live up to it.  Will they?  We start to find out in just one week. Most-Read Comic Stories Today: Final Issue Of […]

Cruel And Unusual Punishment In The Final Issue Of Teen Titans (SPOILERS)

***SPOILERS ***SPOILERS ***SPOILERS ***SPOILERS ***SPOILERS ***SPOILERS *** In the final issue of Teen Titans before the relaunch, issue 100 out today, we see the conclusion of, well, pretty much every storyline. And specifically the life and times of Superboy Prime. Just as he was responsible for punching reality and causing all sorts of continuity amends […]

Final Issue Of Gotham Sirens Is Rather Close To The 9 11 Bone (SPOILERS)

***SPOILERS ***SPOILERS ***SPOILERS ***SPOILERS ***SPOILERS ***SPOILERS *** In the final issue of Gotham Sirens before the relaunch, issue 26 out today, it's very much an ending of ways. As the truth about the initial setting up of the trio of bad girls gone good-ish comes to the fore, and it doesn't go that well for […]

A Very, Very Final Issue Of JSA (SPOILERS)

***SPOILERS ***SPOILERS ***SPOILERS ***SPOILERS ***SPOILERS ***SPOILERS *** In the final issue of Justice Society Of America before the relaunch, we see the first Flash, Jay Garrick making a promise to Jesse Quick that, well, he's just not going to be able to keep. And as there is no initial version of JSA appearing in the […]

Final Issue Of Wonder Woman Leads Into Relaunch (SPOILERS)

***SPOILERS ***SPOILERS ***SPOILERS ***SPOILERS ***SPOILERS ***SPOILERS *** In the final issue of Wonder Woman before the relaunch, issue 614 out today, we get an conclusion to the Odyssey storyline started by J Michael Straczynski, and a nice big splashy optimistic end. But as realities twist around her and reform into a world we're more familiar […]

DC Comics New 52 Movie Theater Trailer Debuts

Bleeding Cool told you back in June that DC Comics planned a major advertising campaign that included Cartoon Network and movie theater ads to launch the New 52.  Earlier tonight, Hero Complex debuted trailer footage for National CineMedia's FirstLook program. The preview spot features covers and inside art from issues such as Justice League No. 1, written by Geoff […]

Mr Terrific Has Its Third Solicited Art Team In Three Issues

With DC Comics releasing their November solicitations, we can take a look at how the relaunch is handling the creative teams on tight deadlines and no allowance for late books. But no book seems to be suffering this attention more than Mister Terrific. All three issues are written by Eric Wallace with covers by JG […]

Is Brent Anderson Drawing Action Comics #2 Instead Of Rags Morales? (UPDATE x2)

We've told you just how seriously DC Comics is taking timeliness of his its upcoming relaunch. Well here's an example that should cement it. Not only was Bob Wayne in London talking about how another artist working with David Finch on Dark Knight would keep it on track. But Bleeding Cool has learnt that, despite […]

Two Old Pages From Justice League #1

Yes, you've already seen this pages coloured as part of the Justice League Preview. But now you get to see them in Scott Williams black and white, then processed what appears to be a fax machine. Do people still use faxes? Apparently so… So where have all these pages come from? Well, those DC house […]

Two Pages From Wonder Woman #1

From Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang, two inked pages from Wonder Woman #1. The first I saw, coloured, at San Diego Comic Con, but it didn't seem to end up anywhere else, the other is new, I think. See you again in an hour.

Page Five And Eight From Batman #1

Straight from the boards, comes this look at Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo and Jonathan Glapion's Batman #1. Are you noticing a theme about today's coverage? Where could this art all have come from?

Two New Pages From Flash #1

At this rate we're going to have the entire issue in preview before it's published. Two new pages from Flash #1 by Francis Manapul.