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A look at Doom Patrol "Sex Patrol" (Image: DC Universe/HBO Max)

Doom Patrol Season 2 Preview: Ain't No Party Like a Doom Patrol Party

Besides, who can say no to Flex Mentallo (Devan Chandler Long)? But what happens when Dorothy (Abigail Shapiro) wants to feel like one of the adults, too? Let's just say we're worried she might end up crashing the party with some of her "friends":[caption id="attachment_1229436" align="aligncenter" width="600"] A look at Doom Patrol "Sex Patrol" (Image: DC[...]

Doom Patrol: How Much of Grant Morrison's Comics are in the Show?

'Doom Patrol': A Look at How Grant Morrison's Comics Influenced the DC Universe Series

He finds out everything about them and can track them across vast distances.[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="1074"] DC Universe[/caption] Flex Mentallo The original version of Flex Mentallo in the comics was a parody of the Charles Atlas bodybuilder advertisements that ran for decades in comics books In the show, Flex is the character from comic book ads come[...]

JLA/Doom Patrol Special #1 cover by Frank Quitely

JLA/Doom Patrol Special #1 Review: Strange, Meta, Yet Still Clichéd

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Retconn is trying to sell off Prime Earth to a buyer, and the ground zero for making Prime Earth more appealing is Happy Harbor, Rhode Island. They have made it into a homogenized Rockwellian nightmare, with Milkman Man keeping the populace dosed with a milk to keep them this way. The Doom Patrol […]

Today's Essential C2E2 Panel, DC Essential, Was Basically, Y'Know, Essential

Comics it was Battle for the Cow. Then Orlando said something along the lines of "I can't believe it's not the Justice League is his top funny comic." The Benson Sisters went for Birds of Prey (and that they really dig Gail Simone's work). Then Lucifer, Preacher, izombie all got somewhat combined as they all talked about them more[...]

In Defence Of Flex

From Grant Morrison's Supergods, when writing about why he wrote Flex Mentallo, "It was the story of the finest, noblest, most selfless hero of all; an exemplar of a type of hero who had all but disappeared." What Rogers reads as "superhero nonsense" Morrison writes as a way of trying to reverse the tide of pointlessly[...]

The Curious Recolouring Of Flex Mentallo

I bought my copies of Flex Mentallo off the stands, from Forbidden Planet in Newcastle I think I loved Frank Quitely's work, and was always surprised that no one else I knew seemed to But that was back then I pored over each panel, I swiped from a few, and Flex Mentallo seemed to be[...]

In One Week, In Two Weeks – Here Comes Flex Mentallo!

along with new Action Comics, the Supreme relaunch, and finally, honest to goodness, the much much much delayed Flex Mentallo hardcover That should be cause for much rejoicing!DARK HORSE COMICSBERSERK TP VOL 21 (MR) $14.99CLASSIC MARVEL CHARACTERS #5 DR STRANGE $49.95CLASSIC MARVEL CHARACTERS FF #2 INVISIBLE GIRL $49.95CREEPY COMICS #8 $4.99CRIMINAL MACABRE DIE DIE MY DARLING $3.50JEREMIAH OMNIBUS HC VOL[...]