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Today's Essential C2E2 Panel, DC Essential, Was Basically, Y'Know, Essential

C2E2 - DC Essentials Panel - IMG_5516
//c. Brian Lake

Brian Lake reported for us from the DC Essential panel at C2E2, here's his run down:

The DC essential panel at 1:30 in the room 404 at C2E2 really is a showcase where some of the top creators get to talk about their favorite runs and books from D.C. Characters that are being featured in tv shows and movies. This year on the panel were Julie Benson, Shawna Benson, Franco, Dan Jurgens, Steve Orlando, Joe Prado, and James Tynion IV.

The moderator started things off by asking who or what the panels' favorite Superman books were.

Dan Jurgens piped up, saying that his favorite super man (and best suggestion) is Alan Moore's Superman (Eliot – 3 stories as far as I know) for a true fan. To which the moderator said that anyone who has read Superman should really have to thank Dan since he is considered the modern godfather of Superman.

Next up there was a quick preview for Gotham after which prompted the panellists to be questioned on their favorite Batman Comics

The Benson sisters (Batgirl And The Birds Of Prey) said that their favorites were the Norm Breyfogle runs, but they also pointed out that many say Batman Year One by Jurgens should be there.

Steve Orlando came in with Gotham Central (Ed BrubakerGreg Rucka, and Michael Lark), saying that although the focus wasn't on Batman he really likes how it focuses on the other characters from Gotham.

C2E2 - DC Essentials Panel - IMG_5515
//c. Brian Lake

They moved on to D.C. Legends of Tomorrow and since they can bring anyone into the show the creators asked if there is a JSA book coming. There were a lot of laughs by the Benson Sisters and it was implied that the book is soon to come, plus Dan Jurgens felt Hawkman really helped create a foundation for season one.

C2E2 - DC Essentials Panel - IMG_5517
//c. Brian Lake

They shot on to the show that kicked off the current wave of DC TV, Arrow. When the preview played it was met with a very warm reception by the fans, but they did note that outside the comic world many people don't know a lot about the character. So when looking in to the panel's choices comic wise, there were perhaps some answers that people weren't aware of.

The Benson Sisters really like the Black Canary romance twist and are happy it's coming back into focus in the current rebirth run.

Jurgens (and many others) felt like Mike Grell's The Longbow Hunters was it for them.

Steve Orlando also seconded the motion that the current stuff is good, going on record as a huge fan of the current Rebirth Run.

Then, finally, a fan stepped up to suggest Green Lantern / Green Arrow run from the 1970s (Eliot – bravo!).

DC's new NBC comedy, Powerless, got a discussion of where they all get their funny on in comics.

The first up was Franco (of Blindwolf Studios) and for fun D.C. Comics it was Battle for the Cow.

Then Orlando said something along the lines of "I can't believe it's not the Justice League is his top funny comic."

The Benson Sisters went for Birds of Prey (and that they really dig Gail Simone's work).

Then Lucifer, Preacher, izombie all got somewhat combined as they all talked about them more as Vertigo Books.

That lead the group very simply in to a "favorite Vertigo books" round.

Sandman and Fables were the choices for Franco.

Steve Orlando went for Flex Mentallo.

James Tynion felt that Wildstorm is like Vertigo and so put Planetary in there. But from Vertigo proper it was the mighty Y The Last Man.

Dan Jurgens – liked Swamp Thing prior to moving to Vertigo and also after, so basically … Swamp Thing.

The fans got in on that stuff, too, and they wanted Animal Man and Hellblazer on the list.

An that was that to finish it all up!

C2E2 - DC Essentials Panel - IMG_5518
//c. Brian Lake

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