Floyd Lawton

DC's Deadshot Vs Deathstroke Should Be A Series

Floyd Lawton is lethal killing machine with a deep set deathwish that will push him to do some crazy things Slade Wilson is a master tactician and assassin that can strategize a way to defeat almost any opponent.. as long as they are acting rational Deadshots willingness to die could through Deathstroke off completely  It[...]

Don't Threaten Deadshot… New Trailer Focuses On Will Smith's Character

But Smith plays the ultimate hitman, Floyd Lawton or as he's better known as, Deadshot In this video we get a reminder that Lawton is not a nice guy and he doesn't really forgive and forget We also see some of Smith's trademark humor.Suicide Squad opens August 5th.https://youtu.be/3ngQXlRkF7M You'd almost forget that Will Smith is[...]

Will Smith Wears The Deadshot Mask… Or Something Like It

And we have more from Suicide Squad director David Ayers as he tweeted out a shot of Will Smith as Floyd Lawton / Deadshot in full combat gear with helmet.Does anyone else thinks his mask looks like a modified soccer ball? Deadshot #SuicideSquad pic.twitter.com/HEF0jFeMsO — David Ayer (@DavidAyerMovies) May 4, 2015 And we have more from Suicide[...]