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THE ISSUE: Fredric Wertham's Hero and the Third Republic
Lafargue, a radical Marxist revolutionary who worked to destabilize the governments of France and Spain, and who made Lenin believe that "a communist system" could be established around the world…and incidentally, had no faith in modern medicine… was a curious choice by Frederic Wertham for naming his psychiatric clinic in Harlem Unless perhaps he had[...]
Sixty Years Of Seduction – Right, Wrong, Rage, And Wertham At San Diego Comic Con
Frederic Wertham] On Friday at San Diego Comic Con, lawyer and comics journalist Jeff Trexler (The Beat, The Comics Journal) moderated the panel "Sixty Years of Seduction: Right, Wrong, and Wertham." On hand to discuss Dr Frederic Wertham and his surprisingly complex legacy were documentary filmmaker and professor Robert A Emmons Jr., director of the new[...]