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This Weekend, Frank Cho Will Teach You How To Draw Women For Free
At the Big Wow Comic Fest at San Jose, this weekend, Frank Cho will be teaching a free art class focussing on female anatomy, with cosplay model Riki Riddle posing for the class. Photo by Digi-Steve Whether she will pose in the Milo Manara style is yet to be determined. I'm happy to teach a "how to draw red bars[...]
Red Giant Entertainment Needs Heroes
Last Free Comic Book Day, Red Giant Entertainment gave away a lot of comic books for Free Comic Book Day, packaging four titles in a card backed pack. They continued to give away lots of comic books at San Diego Comic Con, New York Comic Con and plenty of other shows. In December, Red Giant Entertainment were meant[...]
Free On Thanksgiving, In The Light Of Ferguson: Genius #1
Bleeding Cool couldn't help compare the two. And with recent scenes again filling the headlines, here is the original first issue of the mini-series, free on Bleeding Cool The collection will be published in April. When Top Cow published the mini-series-in-a-month Genius, it coincided with the first uprisings in Ferguson Bleeding Cool couldn't help compare the[...]
Mad Men Series 7 Part One And Mad Men 1-6 DVD Box Sets Up For Grabs
A recounting of the events surrounding the 1968 Democratic convention in Chicago, which led to one of the most in famous trials in US history: the trial of the "Chicago Eight". – The Best Things in Life Are Free A look inside Robert Morse's last day on the set of MAD MEN. – Audio commentaries featuring Matthew[...]
Free Digital Comics – Oh, And Books And Music Too – From NoiseTrade
NoiseTrade Books is a platform designed to help authors & publishers build their audiences by distributing free eBooks, audiobooks and music in exchange for reader data (email & zip/postcodes). So, if you want free stuff in return for your personal data (and isn't that what the entire internet is based upon?) sign up here[...]
'Stop The Slut Shaming' – A Cosplay Interview With Loki Of Venus
I've always been a geek, a few friends started bringing me to cons when I was in high school and seeing all of these amazing people dressed up and having a blast was just the coolest thing to me. [Loki of Venus as Haru from Free!, photo by Irony] AM: What has been some of your favorite[...]
196 Free Image Comics, 22 Free ComiXology Submit Comics And More…
It's Free Comic Book Day today (you might have noticed) but for those who can't get to the store, there's plenty of free around We mentioned a few yesterday… and the Only Living Boy earlier But there are more out there. But today Image Comics have 196 free first issues of their series on ComiXology. There are 22[...]
Free Comics From Si Spurrier And Kieron Gillen
So I'd better get on their good sides in case I can get them to buy me a pint (or a glass of Kieron's bottle of wine). Si Spurrier has a new free horror webcomic with Chris Mitten, just published, online now, called in fetu. And yeah, it freaks you out He's also writing, from Bleeding Cool[...]
What Do You Do With Hundreds Of Copies Of Unsold Unity #1?
That made the books pretty much free So we were trying to figure out a promotion to use them to get more people to read Unity. Well, we also ordered a lot of Unity #2 and #3 (70% and 50% of Unity #1 orders) to make them returnable too (why not, right?) The promotion we came up[...]
Captain Midnight #1 From Dark Horse For Free, Legally. Even With The Watermark.
It's free And you didn't have to do anything naughty to get it. Who says there's no such thing as a free… launch? And also, it's worth pointing out that the Captain Midnight Volume 1 collection has a Final Order Cut-Off date of Monday… Here's a copy of Captain Midnight #1, the new superhero series by Joshua[...]
Who Wants To See The World's End For Free? (UPDATE)
Make sure you follow Bleeding Cool on Twitter and tomorrow morning we will tweet the lucky winner and update the article… Who Wants To See The World's End For Free? — Bleeding Cool (@bleedingcool) August 12, 2013  UPDATE: The winner is… @e_RickTorres Bring on the bumf… THE WORLD'S END ONLINE Visit the official website Like The World's End on Facebook[...]