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Fright Night Writer and Director Updates Sequel Status
The 1985 film Fright Night went on to become a true cult classic to audiences, finding success with its blend of horror and comedy that turns 35 this year There was a sequel that followed in 1988 However, this was more of an unofficial sequel because the original film's creator Tom Holland was uninvolved The[...]
Fright Night: Mark Hamill Joins Reunion Hosted by Michigan Democrats
The Star Wars star is the latest to join one of the several fundraiser pop culture reunions as the cast of the 1985 original film Fright Night is getting together thanks to the Michigan Democrat Party Hamill made the announcement of the appearance via Twitter, writing, "EXCITING NEWS! I'll be taking part in the #FrightNight[...]
VHS Box Collage
In honor of next week's Halloween holiday, we chose our 8 favorite 80's horror VHS boxes! These are ones we saw on the racks at our local video store and we couldn't take them up to the counter fast enough. Fright Night has one of the best horror posters of all-time That cloud over the house[...]
Halloween Horror Bliss On BBC Radio 4 – Look! It Moves! by Adi Tantimedh
I want to talk about BBC Radio 4 Fright Night, a double feature on Saturday night of two classic, if slightly forgotten horror stories adapted to radio It's actually quite fitting that Nigel Kneale's The Stone Tape and Koji Suzuki's Ring got lumped together for a Halloween scarefest The Stone Tape was originally a TV[...]