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VHS Box Collage

BC Horror: Our 8 Favorite Old VHS Covers!

In honor of next week's Halloween holiday, we chose our 8 favorite 80's horror VHS boxes! These are ones we saw on the racks at our local video store and we couldn't take them up to the counter fast enough.Fright Night has one of the best horror posters of all-time That cloud over the house[...]

Halloween Horror Bliss On BBC Radio 4 – Look! It Moves! by Adi Tantimedh

I want to talk about BBC Radio 4 Fright Night, a double feature on Saturday night of two classic, if slightly forgotten horror stories adapted to radioIt’s actually quite fitting that Nigel Kneale’s The Stone Tape and Koji Suzuki’s Ring got lumped together for a Halloween scarefest The Stone Tape was originally a TV[...]

Leaked Trailer For Fright Night 2 – Like Fright Night In The Style Of A Lads Mag Photo Shoot

The first trailer for the upcoming remake-sequel Fright Night 2 has leaked onto YouTube.This film's plot elements are rather like the original Fright Night, not to mention the original remake, just with some gender swapping and what would seem to be lower production values.[youtube][/youtube]Thanks to Dread Central for the heads up.Fright Night 2, as you[...]

New Fright Night Promo Introduces David Tennant's Peter Vincent

"You want to know how to kill a vampire? Seriously? You're going to need an army."We finally get to meet the David Tennant incarnation of Peter Vincent in this extended TV promo for Craig Gillespie's Fright Night, as aired during the MTV Movie Awards.[youtube][/youtube]It looks a touch less Disturbia than last time around, but with a[...]

Fright Night Poster Shows David Tennant In Mean Mode

Ths was a DeviantArt project - albeit a rather good one! Time for a spanking...David Tennant's role in the Fright Night do-over is Peter Vincent Who he? The poster describes him like this: Entertainer Collector Vampire Killer? No need to be coy You can lose the question mark.Seems like he's had a bit of a shave since[...]

Check Out David Tennant's Fright Night Makeover

The character of Peter Vincent has been reinvented somewhat for the remake of Fright Night No longer the slightly fusty presenter of a late night horror movie show, he's now a Vegas magician with all of the bad hair, makeup and costume that implies.Previously portrayed by Roddy McDowall, Vincent is now being essayed by one-time[...]