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Lauren Looks Back: Fritz Lang's Expressionist Epic 'Metropolis'

Metropolis is, without a doubt, my favorite movie. The 1927 Fritz Lang film has been influencing pop culture for decades, and is still one of the most celebrated films of all time. If you've never seen this film in its many versions, please please please stop reading this and look the film up on Netflix. […]

Beautiful Proof Of Concept Trailer For An Animated Ring Of The Nibelung

A new big screen version of the Ring of the Nibelung seems like a no-brainer really, even despite Fritz Lang's rather exciting 1920s version and several other, more recent, less satisfying passes. Animating the tale and basing it upon Wagner's operatic treatment of the stories also seem like good ideas. You don't need Bugs Bunny […]

Butchered Version Of Metropolis Headed To Blu-Ray, But It Has Its Fans – Apparently

In 1984, a remastered, recut and some (me) might say butchered version of Fritz Lang's Metropolis was released. The film had been chopped up, brutally colourised and decked out in counterproductive modern rock and pop music by Giorgio Moroder, master-moustached songwriter and record producer. It was a travesty. But there's great excitement at Aint It […]

Fritz Lang's Indian Epic Looks Great And Rips Along

It wasn't Breaking Dawn or Harry Potter that invented the idea of releasing a film in two parts. Neither was it The Weinsteins when they cleaved Kill Bill asunder. It's actually been going on an awfully long time. Long enough that director Fritz Lang managed to do it a few times, scattered across pretty much […]