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SDCC '15: LGBTQ Geek Year in Review

By Joe Glass Hosted again by LGBTQ comics non-profit, Prism Comics, this is the second in the annual Geek Year in Review panels they've held at San Diego Comic Con. A fun panel discussing the LGBTQ related geek news that broke into mass media, it was hosted by Prism Comics board member and creator of […]

Alison Bechdel Receives 'Genius' Grant From MacArthur Foundation

Alison Bechdel, comic book creator of Fun Home, Are You My Mother, Dykes To Watch Out For and accidental creator of The Bechdel Test for the portrayal of women in fiction, is one of this year's twenty-one receivers of the MacArthur Genius Grant received by twenty-one people this year, worth $625,000 over five years. The […]

Essential 8 Women Working In Comics – Yes, Gail, Boys Like Comics Too

By Erik Grove Women like comic books. That shouldn't be surprising to anyone because comics are amazing. There's nothing inherently masculine or feminine about words and pictures telling a story. Being surprised by women liking comics is like being surprised that women like movies or like books or like music. Still, the majority of readers […]

Tuesday Runaround – Charles Soule Is Up To Something…

A private triptych Avengers commission by Sean Gordon Murphy. Charles Soule is up to something… an eighth book a month? Project I've been working on for a year or more was just greenlit. Amazing property – an honor to work on it. — Charles Soule (@CharlesSoule) August 6, 2013 Greg Ruth's book The Lost Boy is […]

Alison Bechdel Takes May With Are You My Mother?

As the comics industry comes to grips with what will be coming to stores in April and May, there is one book likely to smash sales record that's not from the New 52, or an Avengers Vs X-Men tie in. Alison Bechdel's Are You My Mother is her follow up to Fun Home, and has […]