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Todays Futures End Brings You&#8230 The Blood Moon (SPOILERS)

Today's Futures End Brings You… The Blood Moon (SPOILERS)

We have left the September Futures End month behind us, but last week's New 52: Futures End, Booster Gold and especially Superman: Doomed #2 all lead into one book. New 52: Futures End #22, out today. Brainiac landing… somewhere. Encountering splinters of different continuities. Destroyed continuities, splintered in the Bleed? Anyway, they seem to have had […]

46 Thoughts About 45 Comics &#8211 Justice League Dark Edge Of Spider-Verse Futures End Aquaman And The Others Wayward Roche Limit Chew Bobs Burgers Doomed Bee &#038 Puppycat Booster Gold Magneto Guardians Of The Galaxy Tag Red Sonja Legenderry Nightbreed Butterfly Pathfinder Lumberjanes Chronicles Of Hate Evil Empire Batman Eternal My Little Pony Superman Harley Quinn  Sinestro GI Zombie GI Joe Red Lanterns Flash Catwoman Saga Bravest Warriors Outcast Battlestar Galactica 1880 Justice Inc Voice In The Dark City On The Edge Of Forever Godzilla Transformers Ghostbusters Samurau Jack Steed &#038 Mrs Peel. Empty Man

The Future Of Booster Gold&#8230 And The Past

The Future Of Booster Gold… And The Past

This is how it went the first time around, from Justice League International #1 written by Geoff Johns and Dan DiDio. Booster God meeting another version of himself. Well, we know who. But when was he coming from? Basically Booster Gold was trying to perform a trans-temporal cock block. Don't you hate it when that […]

DC Will Have Six Exclusive Covers Available At NYCC

DC Will Have Six Exclusive Covers Available At NYCC

DC Comics has announced that they will have six exclusive cover for the New York Comic Con which runs October 9th – 12th. You can pick up the exclusive Batman #35, Batgirl #35, The Multiversity #1, The Sandman: Overture #1 and two versions of Harley Quinn: Futures End #1 – a Love It and Hate […]

Talking Comics &#8211 Discussing This Weeks Upcoming Titles From Futures End To Multiversity Edge Of Spider-Verse The Wicked + The Divine And Trees

Talking Comics – Discussing This Week's Upcoming Titles From Futures End To Multiversity, Edge Of Spider-Verse, The Wicked + The Divine And Trees

By Randy Young and Chris Hunter Bleeding Cool welcomes the return of Talking Comics, from Excalibur Comics, Cards, and Games in Shreveport, Louisiana, to discuss this week's upcoming books, speculating about where they are headed, and discuss their favorite storylines. Hosts Randy Young and Chris Hunter say: Thanks for pressing play! It's another great week […]

The Future Of Power Girls Boob Window

The Future Of Power Girl's Boob Window

From World's Finest: Futures End #1, even when Power Girl makes an effort to cover up… She just can't catch a break. She is, however, still able to inspire boob windows in others. But is this fair? Is this all she is? Are we just exacerbating the problem by constantly going on about it? Are […]

In One Week In Two Weeks&#8230 Dead Wolverines Ended Futures And Copperhead

In One Week, In Two Weeks… Dead Wolverines, Ended Futures And Copperhead

This Wednesday we have the launch of Project Strikefile, Copperhead, Rot & Ruin , Prometheus: Fire And Stone, Annihilator, Teen Dog, Wilds End, Dawn/Vampirella,  plenty of DC Futures End titles and dead Wolverines. The week after? Oddly Normal #1… DARK HORSE COMICS ABE SAPIEN #16 $3.50 BPRD HELL ON EARTH TP VOL 09 REIGN OF BLACK FLAME $19.99 […]

Here Is Your Jetpack &#8211 The Five Years Later Future Of DC Comics Today From Futures End Action Comics Aquaman Detective Comics Batwing Green Lantern Grayson Green Arrow Phantom Stranger Swamp Thing and Earth 2

Here Is Your Jetpack – The Five Years Later Future Of DC Comics Today, From Futures End, Action Comics, Aquaman, Detective Comics, Batwing, Green Lantern, Grayson, Green Arrow, Phantom Stranger, Swamp Thing and Earth 2

Today sees every DC Comics New 52 title jump forward five years. Naturally there's a bit of middle age spread as every book costs $3.99. But what else? Well the Futures End series has already shown us that a war with Earth 2 took place,  plenty of "refugees" ending up on Prime Earth as well […]