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Advance Review: Crossed +100 #2 Talks The Talk Of The Post-Apocalypse

Crossed #100 #1, written by Alan Moore, with art by Gabriel Andrade, taught us a thing or two about  how to use the personal voice to generate a sense of tension and dread as the reader comes to identify with a central figure in a horror comic. It also taught us that even the vaguest […]

Advance Review: Alan Moore's Crossed +100 #1 Brings Us The Future Of Horror

Having interviewed Alan Moore about his six issue comic series Crossed +100 with Gabriel Andrade for Bleeding Cool and Bleeding Cool Magazine, I of all people should have had some idea what to expect from the first issue of the comic. We've heard about Moore's view on the science fiction aspects of the comic, about […]

Avatar Press Announces NYCC 2014 Exclusives: Alan Moore's Crossed +100 'Taste Test' In Limited Numbers, Signed Moore Neonomicon Sets, Brooks' Extinction Parade, Costa's God Is Dead, Ennis' Caliban, Gillen's Uber

Avatar Press always have a strong presence at New York Comic Con, and this year things are coming up very Crossed in the wake of the announcement of Alan Moore and Gabriel Andrade's six issue series Crossed +100 coming to shops in December. In fact, in a move previously unannounced, they've decided to bring a […]

How To Become A High-End Hoarder Of Alan Moore's Crossed +100

Leading on from last week's reveal of Alan Moore and Gabriel Andrade on a six issue arc of Crossed set 100 years in the future from the Crossed outbreak, and fully scripted as well as cover-designed by Moore, we revealed a wide swath of variant covers and options for the December release of the comic. […]

Crossed, Dark Gods, Uber, And More In December Solicitations From Avatar Press

Here we have the complete December solicitations for Avatar Press which includes the new Crossed +100 by Alan Moore and Gabriel Andrade and the second issue in Justin Jordan's Dark Gods plus God Is Dead, Uber and more. Look out for some Crossed +100 cover features coming up on Bleeding Cool. ANOTHER SUBURBAN ROMANCE GN […]

Are Alan Moore And Gabriel Andrade Working On A New Series For Avatar Press?

Hannah Means-Shannon here reporting on my first honest-to-God rumor. Yes, it's partly because Rich Johnston is asleep but also because, hey, I found it and am staking my claim (you can tell that from the fact that I did not spell it "rumour"). Earlier today, rumors started circulating around artist Gabriel Andrade, whose work on […]

Avatar Plug of the Week: FERALS #12 – Werewolf War!

The final issue of David Lapham's second Ferals arc will leave you speechless.  It is all out war on the mountain with Rikkard's wolves and the FBI. The feral townsfolk are in hiding and Dale Chesnutt has come face to face with his greatest fear.  Rikkard's minions have destroyed an entire town and he plans […]

Avatar Plug of the Week: FERALS #12 Sneak Preview

  You thought David Lapham's ending to the first arc was big? Wait until you see how the fallout of the war with the Ferals ends with this Wednesday's Ferals #12! It ain't pretty. Catch a sneak peek here…

Avatar Plug of the Week: FERALS VOL 1 Reviews & Preview

Critics and fans love David Lapham's Ferals… "For fans of horror there's plenty to like here… Ferals is a fun romp and a guilty pleasure werewolf series… It's certainly at the top of its class as far as lycanthrope comics go and has potential to fill a void for horror fans." "…one of the most exciting series I […]

Avatar Plug of the Week: Ferals #11 Preview

Sex, violence and the supernatural continues this Wednesday in Ferals #11, by the superstar team of David Lapham and Gabriel Andrade! Here is a sneak preview for those adults who can't wait for Wednesday…

Avatar Plug of the Week: Ferals #10

Ferals #10 arrives in stores today, offering sex, violence and crime in a supernatural way only David Lapham can deliver! Dale Chesnutt is playing a dangerous game.  Hiding in plain sight in the Feral community he discovers an ancient Viking that is preparing for war.  With a pack of smart and vicious Feral Wolves trying […]