Are Alan Moore And Gabriel Andrade Working On A New Series For Avatar Press?

Hannah Means-Shannon here reporting on my first honest-to-God rumor. Yes, it's partly because Rich Johnston is asleep but also because, hey, I found it and am staking my claim (you can tell that from the fact that I did not spell it "rumour").

Earlier today, rumors started circulating around artist Gabriel Andrade, whose work on Ferals, Uber, and Crossed has turned plenty of heads. His style is fresh, bold, and emotive, and he's on track to getting considerably more attention for his work. He's recently produced a story with Simon Spurrier for the upcoming arc God is Dead: Book of Acts as well.  And that may mean big attention. The buzz is centered around this image, which may have originated on Andrade's Facebook page or from a Brazilian site:


Along with that, the suggestion that this is going to be a 12-part series with Moore and Andrade teaming up. But that's literally all we got folks.

Avatar Press is the owner of Bleeding Cool, and when I reached out to Avatar, they declined to comment on the possible collaboration or on the 12-part rumor.

But rest assured, in the coming days, we're going to be all over this like white on rice. Would you expect anything less from Bleeding Cool?

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