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Amazon & Game Jolt Announce The Girls In Games Jam
Amazon Web Services and Game Jolt have announced a brand new online event to take place in August with the Girls In Games jam The event is designed to showcase the representation of girls and women in the games industry, specifically for those early in their games careers and "those who identify as and are[...]
Atari Announces First Atari VCS Original Game With Neko Ghost, Jump!
Developed by Burgos Games and utilizing the Game Jolt service, the first game officially revealed for the console is called Neko Ghost, Jump! This is a fun 3D platformer in which we finally get to see some of the real capabilities of the console beyond the retro libraries and online services We got some screenshots[...]
Atari & Game Jolt Announce New Partnership For The Atari VCS
This morning, Atari announced another new partnership for the Atari VCS as Game Jolt will be bringing their library to the console Much like the announcement last week that the company made regarding AirConsole, Game Jolt will be bringing over their service as well as their large collection of indie titles to the system The[...]
Alter Army
After trying to finish the game in under a month, they weren't quite happy with it and, after removing time constraints, have come up with a workable beta for Alter Army that you can download over on Game Jolt for PC and Mac. The studio is staffed exclusively by the two 15-year-old school friends Mridul Pancholi and Mridul Bansal,[...]