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Alter Army, a Game Developed by Two 15-Year-Olds, is Now in Beta

Alter Army, a Game Developed by Two 15-Year-Olds, is Now in Beta
credit// Vague Pixel

Two 15-year-olds from India decided to make a game "just to get into practice of making games as we both were really not doing anything those days," according to the press release from Vague Pixels, the studio created by the two teen devs. After trying to finish the game in under a month, they weren't quite happy with it and, after removing time constraints, have come up with a workable beta for Alter Army that you can download over on Game Jolt for PC and Mac.

The studio is staffed exclusively by the two 15-year-old school friends Mridul Pancholi and Mridul Bansal, and Alter Army is their first game. Ever. While the game doesn't have a concrete release date, it is in beta, so that's a pretty hopeful sign.

So what exactly is Alter Army? According to the game's official description, it's a platformer.

Alter Army is a fast paced action platformer. The universe is dying and you are one of the last few trying to take control of the last resources. Fight your way through hundreds of monsters and bosses in different biomes using your weaponary and collect special crystals to just to live a few more decades. [SIC]

Alter Army includes the following features:

  • Choose one the four characters with distinctive abilities that suit your style.
  • Journey through 4 different biomes containing 4 levels each collecting all the crystals and destroying everything that comes in your way.
  • Fight through a ton of monsters with unique abilities ranging from explosive monsters to giants that will destroy you if you are not quick enough.
  • Alter army has pixelated graphics with retro dynamic/adaptive music system to suit the situation the player is in.
  • Kill the monsters creatively, Don't let them hit you and destroy the levels as much as you can and get a grade at the end of each biome and at the end of the game.

You can check out the announcement trailer and one of the games bosses in the videos below.

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