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Today is Alolan Geodude Community Day in Pokémon GO
Today is Alolan Geodude Community Day in Pokémon GO The event will run from 11 AM until 2 PM today, offering increased spawns of Alolan Geodude in the wild with a high Shiny rate Evolving Alolan Geodude or Alolan Graveler all the way up to Alolan Golem will result in your Golem knowing the Rock-type Fast[...]
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Tonight is Geodude Spotlight Hour in Pokémon GO and yes… Geodude can be Shiny What trainers are wondering, though, is if it will just be the Generation One favorite, Geodude from Kanto, spawning… or will Alolan Geodude be added to the mix? We found out the answer ahead of the event. Geodude Spotlight Hour is tonight but[...]