Geodude Spotlight Hour Is Tonight: Will The Alolan Form Spawn Too?

Tonight is Geodude Spotlight Hour in Pokémon GO and yes… Geodude can be Shiny. What trainers are wondering, though, is if it will just be the Generation One favorite, Geodude from Kanto, spawning… or will Alolan Geodude be added to the mix? We found out the answer ahead of the event.

Geodude Spotlight Hour is tonight but will the Alolan spawn too? Credit: Pokémon the Series
Geodude Spotlight Hour is tonight but will the Alolan spawn too? Credit: Pokémon the Series

Alolan Geodude will not be spawning. This is no surprise, as Niantic will likely not want to rush their choices for Spotlight Hour. Except for a few off weeks, Niantic has continually rolled out Spotlight Hours with different species since the start of the event, so it's possible that this Rock-type Pokémon's Alolan form, which adds a spicy dual typing of Electric, will eventually get its own Spotlight Hour. For now, though, enjoy hunting the Generation One version's Shiny.

Shiny Geodude takes on a golden hue that, when evolved to Graveler and the ultimate evolution of Golem, becomes more brown. While not necessarily a very rare Pokémon, Geodude has certainly become less common as later generations have rolled out, so Shiny hunters will want to seize this opportunity, as it's one of the best shots Niantic has given Pokémon GO players at catching this Shiny in some time.

This Spotlight Hour will also include the bonus of double catch Stardust, widely seen as the best bonus in Pokémon GO. Trainers hoping to build up their Stardust will want to activate two Star Pieces to run the entirety of the hour, and it would be smart to use the Quick Catch method to maximize the amount of Pokémon caught.

The Quick Catch method, while a bit tricky to master at first, cuts down on time spent waiting to see if a Pokémon is caught, while still throwing a ball at the Pokémon. Essentially, it exploits a mechanic in the game that prevents the "run away" button from disappearing while catching a Pokémon, allowing players to run away after the ball has made contact with the Pokémon. This skips the catch animation, cutting more than ten seconds out of each catch. It may seem minimal, but in an hour where you're encountering potentially hundreds of Geodude spawns, it adds up. This method will allow the speed and will help accrue more Stardust. Trainers can see the method in practice here.

Happy Shiny hunting!

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