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The creators behind the series, Emancipation, are looking to bring a deeper look into George Washington's presidency on the small screen, especially when it comes to emancipation and the president's own slave ownership history The series, set to be named The President, will be made up of 8 episodes, each an hour-long, and the pilot already has[...]
2019 White House Correspondents' Dinner Ditching Comics to Avoid Controversy, Ratings
Rockefeller, George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, and Ulysses S Grant, the Pulitzer Prize-winning Chernow has some serious multimedia credentials His 2004 Hamilton bio served as the source material for Lin-Manuel Miranda's Broadway musical Hamilton, with his 2017 Grant bio being developed for the big screen by Steven Spielberg and Leonardo DiCaprio. In light of the WHCA's decision, there is no[...]
Turn: Washington's Spies – A Look At The Upcoming Final Season
The new season sees Benedict Arnold (Owain Yeoman) now part of the British army, promoted to Spy Hunter General, and after George Washington's (Ian Kahn) spies Arnold has already betrayed Washington; now he's trying to put that behind him and make his name mean something more Washington, on the other hand, is angry — this[...]
Mick Rory, American Hero – Legends Of Tomorrow Get Revolutionary
The episode picks up from last weeks where Rip Hunter walks in and kills George Washington This creates a time aberration that is meant to draw the Legends attention And knowing it's a trap, Sara Lance puts together a decent plan… that utterly fails as the Legion, now with the help of Rip, is one[...]
Rip Hunter Is About To Make A Mess Of America
Tonight's episode of DC's Legends of Tomorrow features a brain washed / reprogrammed Rip Hunter heading back to kill George Washington during the Revolutionary War As you can imagine, it might change a few things Executive Producer Phil Klemmer talks about the upcoming episode and how the Legends know it's a trap yet still have[...]
President's Day Variant Covers?
Today is President's Day in the United States, a day created when we took two previous holidays celebrating the birth of Abraham Lincoln and George Washington and mushed them into one There aren't many traditions for the holiday Some people get it off while others have to work Usually it's spent with people asking, "Is[...]