The President: Antoine Fuqua Attached to Washington-Focused Pilot

The creators behind the series, Emancipation, are looking to bring a deeper look into George Washington's presidency on the small screen, especially when it comes to emancipation and the president's own slave ownership history. The series, set to be named The President, will be made up of 8 episodes, each an hour-long, and the pilot already has Antoine Fuqua directing- whose past directorial credits include The Resident and Shooter. The series is set to explore a bigger point over the presidency of George Washington. Outside of the setting of a democratic government and the initial foundation of how legislation and such would go forward in the United States, the founding father and first lady led a hypocritical life. In their Virginia plantation, they enslaved over 300 black people, with 8 joining Washington in his government office in New York.


There's an ugly side to those who built parts of legislation and democracy, the often racist and prejudiced parts interwoven in their stories. The President is aiming to focus on the stories of the enslaved as much as the actions of George Washington in relation to these lives. The amendments and laws made at the time of his presidency will be taken into account, similar to the contradictions from those who led after him since they often neglected to include the servants and slaves that remained as such even after emancipation. After the filming of Emancipation is complete, creators will be turning to work on this series- including Brian Burns and William N. Collage.


Exploration of the hypocrisy of Washington will include his use of federal funds to search for the three of his staff who fled enslavement and even how he and his wife sent slaves back to Mount Vernon to escape the then progressive laws of Philadelphia. Creators are looking towards a series commitment and hope to start as soon as they're able to after Emancipation's last day of filming.

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