Ahead of Ultimate Deletion, Matt Hardy Seeks Advice from Giraffe to Defeat Bray Wyatt

The Ultimate Deletion match between Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt is set to air on WWE Monday Night Raw next week, and Woken Matt Hardy is preparing for the match by seeking advice from one of the greatest leaders in history: George Washington. Of course, the actual George Washington has been dead for several hundred years, which makes it difficult to ask him questions. Thankfully, Hardy has gathered to souls of some of history's greatest leaders in the bodies of animals in his personal zoo.

Below, see Hardy speak with Washington, whose soul resides in the body of a giraffe.

Of course, pro wrestlers acting crazy in front of zoo animals is nothing new, and in some regards, Hardy doesn't hold a candle to former WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio, who once filmed an even more bizarre rant than Hardy's with his then-fiancée Paige and a stuffed tiger.


"Just tell me if this is not entertaining," Del Rio said in the video last April. "I'm here, and we have a tiger. A ****ing tiger." Del Rio later went on to imply that WWE had released hacked cell phone sex videos of Paige, and then had some choice words for WWE executive Triple H: ""You remind me of one of the bosses in the WWE with a big ****ing nose. Just a big ****ing p****."

It will take a lot to beat that kind of insanity for Ultimate Deletion, but this Monday, Hardy and Wyatt aim to try.

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