Mick Rory, American Hero – Legends Of Tomorrow Get Revolutionary

This article contains spoilers for the DC's Legends of Tomorrow episode – Turncoat.







This weeks episode of Legends of Tomorrow was in a lot of ways a Mick Rory story. Everyone else got time, but Mick had a special bit where he got to speak for what makes America great in his opinion. The episode picks up from last weeks where Rip Hunter walks in and kills George Washington. This creates a time aberration that is meant to draw the Legends attention. And knowing it's a trap, Sara Lance puts together a decent plan… that utterly fails as the Legion, now with the help of Rip, is one step ahead of them. Once they were on site, an EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) was released shutting down the Waverider, the Atom suit and the Firestorm matrix splicer. This leaves Martin Stein and Jefferson Jackson unable to merge, Ray Palmer stuck in shrunken form and Rip shoots Sara, leaving her for dead while making off with Washington and Mick. The only reason to take Mick alive is if Leonard Snart is already part of the Legion's plans.

Without Gideon, Stein must operate on Sara while Jax and Ray try to get the ship back on line. Nate Heywood and Amaya Jiwe are sent after Washington and Mick. Though they don't exactly seem to be rushing to catch up, chit-chatting as they go and eventually spending time together in a strange tent and fooling around. Nice worrying about your teammate there.

While all this is happening, Rip invades the Waverider with a couple soldiers and it's up to Jax, who was appointed captain, to stop him. It goes well for a while, but eventually he gives up where the segment of the spear is to save Sara… but Rip kills her anyway. Ray is able to get the ship rebooted and Gideon saves Sara, but Jax runs after Rip and is about to kill him when Sara talks him out of it. Rip gets away.

Mick saves Washington with a little help from Nate and Amaya once they showed up. They get Washington back to safety so he can make his sneak attack against the British. Time goes back to normal except there is a statue in Washington that now looks a lot like Mick Rory. It's an interesting thing that Mick does layout the American spirit pretty well for Washington and it's a good episode for him. Plus he gets to do the opening and even comments, "Who writes these things?"

The show is still a lot of fun, but the fatal flaw exists. The Legends never do anything right. Their plans always fail and the scramble to put things back to status quo or at least close. Once again the Legion of Doom is ahead of them and got exactly what they wanted. The Legends lost their piece of the spear and are no closer to getting Rip back. As in the first season, the team continues to fail and be out maneuvered by their enemy. At some point, they really need to get a win or two if their going to be called Legends.

The next episode of Legends is called Camelot/3000 and takes the crew back to medieval times. There is a DC comics series called Camelot 3000 but its the Arthurian legend rebirthed in the future while this takes place in 507 A.D.


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