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Separated At Birth
Giancarlo Caracuzzo is an Italian comic book creator who has been working in comic books since 1986, after graduating in Fine Arts and working in the theatre He began creating stories for music magazines Boy comics and Hot Pink as well as horror comic for Splatter & Mostri He then worked for Sergio Bonelli Editore[...]
Irrational Numbers: Subtraction #5 cover by Giancarlo and Flavia Caracuzzo
Plus, it takes some of the tension and drama out of the confrontation between Pythagoras and the Vampyr Nation which immediately preceded it. Giancarlo Caracuzzo's artwork is good It provides a detailed and slightly cartoonish appearance which grants the comic some level of grittiness while not dipping into outright noir or attempts of photorealism Each character[...]
Once More Into The Land That Time Forgot
The new series will tell original tales set in the world created by Burroughs and feature a mix of characters from the original story and new ones. The return to the mysterious island of Caspak is being written by Mike Wolfer and drawn by Giancarlo Caracuzzo with covers my Wolfer and Chris Scalf As for the[...]
Giancarlo Caracuzzo Introduces Us To Simon Blood
Giancarlo Caracuzzo, an artist who has worked for Marvel, DC, Image, and IDW, is launching a fundraising campaign for his new graphic novel Simon Blood, Seventh Moon Caracuzzo has this to say about the new project: Simon Blood is an all-ages graphic novel inspired by my favorite movies and comics If you liked Moebius, Uderzo, Miyazaki, Asterix, Arzach, Star[...]
Amiculus: A History For The Underdog
Now, it is a sprawling epic series in development on Kickstarter, masterfully rendered by partner Giancarlo Caracuzzo I saw in it – and still see in it – the opportunity to tell a great underdog story, to give power back to a powerless character that I empathized with I intend to help him get his[...]