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The Six Important Moments From The Flash – Rogue Time
You can't just turn back the clock any time someone dies. 4) So how did time try to correct itself? Well, in the first pass Cisco Ramon was killed by Wells… in the new pass he and his brother Dante are taken hostage by Captain Cold, Heatwave and Cold's sister Lisa Snart aka Golden Glider[...]
Andrew Kreisberg Talks About Peyton List As Lisa Snart / Golden Glider
But the duo of villains bring along Snart's little sister The Golden Glider played by Peyton List So dealing with time travel and three rogues is going to be an interesting day for Barry Allen. The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 pm on the CW.   The Flash EP @AJKreisberg introduces The Rogues' newest family addition, Lisa Snart[...]
Mark Hamill And The Villains Of The Flash
The CW has released this clip of The Flash – Villains Look Ahead which gives us our first good look at Golden Glider, Captain Cold's sister, and the two Tricksters It also looks like they used footage of Mark Hamill in his original Trickster outfit from the 1990's version of The Flash. The Flash returns March[...]