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Things To Do In Gosh Comics In London This Week
Tonight, Gosh Comics launched the new issue of Yours Days Are Numbers magazine with this Hip Hop Family Tree exclusive print, available from today for £15. Alongside the usual excellent comics coverage, there are interviews with Hip Hop luminaries such as Afrika Bambaattaa and Aspects All of that and it sports a fetching Ed Piskor cover to boot! with[...]
Splash Page From The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Roses Of Berlin
It will be available through Gosh Comics of London and limited to forty copies And will not include that bar. So, you'd better hurry…   This is an A3 giclée print by Kevin O'Neill reproducing a splash page from the upcoming The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Roses Of Berlin by Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill[...]
The Night London's Cartoonists Come Out To Play
On Saturday from 6pm, Nick Abadzis will be signing at Gosh Comics in London for the launch of the collection of his seminal graphic novel, Hugo Tate Serialised in the likes of Deadline, and partially collected through Atomeka/Tundra, it tells the gradual shifting changing story of a happy go lucky stick figure, corrupted by complexity[...]