League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Black Dossier, With Vinyl Record, Now Available For Mail Order


Once upon a time, DC Comics planned to publish the League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The Black Dossier with a vinyl record, as recorded by Alan Moore and friends.

Then they decided that one of the songs sounded too much like the theme from Fireball XL5 and changed their minds.

Tey also changed their mind about selling the Black Dossier in the UK, though copies found their way into the country via the grey market.

Years later, Knockabout Comics in the UK got the rights to sell and distribute The Black Dossier. And, with their linked retail outlet Gosh Comics in London, began selling The Black Dossier with a free copy of the vinyl record – but only in person, if you rocked up at the shop.

Even selling one per person, a few ended up on eBay.

But now? Gosh have decided that, it seems, with no legal challenges to date, they are comfortable selling the record, free with the graphic novel, on their online store, for the princely sum of £22.50 plus postage.

Could be one for a few folks' Christmas lists?

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