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After The Governor, After Negan, Welcome To The Walking Dead's New Big Bad
The series has a history of introducing standout characters, those with a particular point of view, expressed violently and with purpose, who fans seem to obsess about, Michonne was there at issue #19, The Governor came along with #27 and fans are still debuting who will play Negan, who first appeared in #100, in the[...]
The Walking Dead #121 Is The End Of Empire Strikes Back
So when The Governor was all the rage on the TV, so the comic had Negan And now as the prison in the TV show has been blown up, so Rick's home in the comic series also befell a similar fate. And yes, there are deaths. There are strong differences though In the TV series, it feels[...]
Walking Dead FCBD Stories With Tyrese WON'T Be In The Collections
Three of which we have seen before, with The Governor, Michonne and Morgan And one, featuring Tyrese, which won't. The previous stories have appeared in a number of places, from Playboy to the CBLDF Liberty Annual, but Robert Kirkman is saying that they won't be reprinted in the Walking Dead collection. Just trying to make fans of[...]
How To Make An Instant $15 At ECCC With The Walking Dead
Or 150% profit. Image/Skybound at Booth 1110 are selling the Walking Dead Governor Special ECCC Exclusive for $10 each Limited to a thousand. Meanwhile Get Cash For Comics at Booth 2118 are buying that comic for $25 cash Ten rows away. Could be the easiest $15 you've ever made Then go spend it on something in the small[...]
An Early Governor For February
The third season of The Walking Dead returns on February 10th, with plenty of Governor action. But The Walking Dead Governor Special, reprinting the first appearance of the Governor, The Walkng Dead #27 and the CBLDF Liberty Annual short story also featuring The Governor, is only coming out on March the 6th This, as retail people[...]
The Walking Dead Gets A Governor's Special In March – And A Bunch Of New Toys
Everyone loves The Governor in the Walking Dead Even when there's less of him to go around. But not everyone found his prequel story in the CBLDF Libery Annual Or can afford the original issue 27 when he forst appeared. Well, in March, following up on their Michonne Special, Image are publishing the Walking Dead: Governor[...]
Friday Runaround: Twilight, Static And The Governor
They found that the book did contain the images described in the complaint, but that they did not violate the standards set forth in the revised ordinance. The Walking Dead Exclusive: David Morrissey Makes His Debut as The Governor – Today's News: Our Take | The Governor has arrived!   SPAWN.COM >> NEWS >> FIRST LOOK AT NEW[...]
Japanese Create Anti-Comics Code Authority, Boycott Convention In Protest
The publishers, allied as the Comic Ten Companies Association, are opposed to the bill that's been submitted to the city and supported by the Tokyo governor to tighten restrictions on what are described as "excessive sexual depictions" in comics being sold to under 18s The governor also stands as executive committee chairman[...]