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Girls With Slingshots' Danielle Corsetto Talks To Greg Baldino
Greg Baldino writes for Bleeding Cool Girls with Slingshots is a bit of a misnomer; there are no slingshots and all of the female characters are of adult age– which makes it way less controversial for them to work in bars and porn stores Since October 2004, Danielle Corsetto had drawn the strip, which now updates[...]
Jeph Jacques' Questionable Content
Greg Baldino writes for Bleeding Cool Questionable Content is many things: A webcomic about a haphazardly adjusted group of twenty-somethings in New England A serial narrative set in a context of kitchen-sink science fiction Perhaps most importantly, it's one of the most impressive webcomics accomplishments, updating five days a week in full color with a caliber[...]
Reading With Josh Elder
Greg Baldino writes for Bleeding Cool Josh Elder wants kids to read comics in school. Kids want to read them in school too And so do the teachers Josh Elder is the energetic founder of Reading With Pictures, a nonprofit organization that advocates the use of comics in the classroom to promote literacy and boost educational development[...]
Yes Is More – Comics And Architecture from Greg Baldino
Greg Baldino writes for Bleeding Cool; There are numerous parallels between architecture and comic books Both are design mediums that are dependent on structure Both have to work within constraints and needs physical and intellectual– architecture is bound by the laws of physics as well as civic codes and culture, comics are constrained by the[...]
American Gods Tenth Anniversary Edition – Review By Greg Baldino
Greg Baldino writes for Bleeding Cool You've just been released for prison to find your wife and best friend dead in a car crash There is nothing for you now, but to see the love of your life lowered into the ground and buried Nothing works anymore, even your direct flight to Indiana gets rerouted by[...]