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Who Jim Ross Says Is The Most Valuable Female Wrestler He Hired
 And while the men listed here are certainly all megastars and legends, Ross also hired quite a few women who helped the company plant its flag as the ultimate name in wrestling. Jim Ross, seen here with former commentary partner Jerry "The King" Lawler, has named whom he thinks is the most valuable female wrestler he[...]
Jim Ross Makes It Clear He Is Not A Fan Of WWE's 24/7 Championship
Courtesy of AEW. On this past week's episode of his Grilling JR podcast, the topic of the 24/7 title came up and Jim Ross let loose, letting listeners know that the title isn't creating any appointment viewing for the AEW commentator. Via "It was just another watered-down championship (Hardcore title), and now it's even worse[...]
Jim Ross Explains What It Took To Bring Chris Jericho To WWF In 1999
Screencap courtesy of WWE. On today's new episode of Jim Ross's Grilling JR Podcast, Ross spoke at length about not only Jericho's impact on the WWF in his first two years with the company, but he also shared his first-hand account of his contract negotiations with the man who would become "Y2J" and how they were[...]