Jim Ross Makes It Clear He Is Not A Fan Of WWE's 24/7 Championship

It's pretty easy to say that the least popular and least respected title in all of WWE today and maybe even its history is the 24/7 Championship that currently haunts the roster of and the fans watching WWE Raw on Monday nights.  A half-hearted attempt to recapture the chaos and unpredictability that was a hallmark of the long-retired Hardcore title of the Attitude Era, the 24/7 title has almost exclusively been used as a joke prop since its debut in May of 2019.  It has been held all but exclusively by low-card wrestlers, random WWE personalities, and cameoing celebrities, making up 154 different reigns for 51 different "champions".  One person who has not won the title and doesn't seem the least bit interested in doing so is WWE Hall of Famer and current AEW commentator Jim Ross, who has made it clear that he thinks the 24/7 title is "hideous".

Jim Ross Makes It Clear He Is Not A Fan Of WWE's 24/7 Championship
President of the 24/7 Title Fan Club, Jim Ross. Courtesy of AEW.

On this past week's episode of his Grilling JR podcast, the topic of the 24/7 title came up and Jim Ross let loose, letting listeners know that the title isn't creating any appointment viewing for the AEW commentator.

Via Sportskeeda.com:

"It was just another watered-down championship (Hardcore title), and now it's even worse. The 24/7 title, right? That's hideous. It's not even realistic. It has had so many champions, you can't name them all."

It's hard to argue with Jim Ross' point of view here and frankly, I don't think many fans would even try.  While the Hardcore Championship was fun and created some great spectacles, it was criticized for being a valueless title that didn't add much to the talent that held it of the show overall.

The Hardcore title was further diminished when the 24/7 rule was added in 2000 by the late Crash Holly, who made it so the titleholder would have to be on guard 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  This gave birth to some of the most silly moments of the famed Attitude Era and effectively made the title a joke in and of itself.

WWE seems to have forgotten that by solely focusing on that ill-received element of the title and creating a title that has only existed as an annoying and product-insulting prop for anyone that wants a few minutes of screen time.  Jim Ross clearly sees the issues with it, as do most WWE fans, but like with most of the creative issues in WWE these days, the company is full-steam ahead with its worst ideas.

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