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AEW's Jim Ross Reveals Who His WWE MVP Female Wrestler Hiring Was

WWE Hall of Famer and AEW lead commentator Jim Ross is a legendary and highly respected figure in the wrestling industry for many reasons, but it was his tenure as Head of Talent Relations for the then WWF in the 1990s that solidified his legacy as maybe being the greatest talent scout the industry has ever seen. By hiring WCW castaways like "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, Mick Foley, Chris Jericho, and Triple H, and by finding newcomers such as The Rock and Kurt Angle, Ross created possibly the most star-heavy roster in history.  And while the men listed here are certainly all megastars and legends, Ross also hired quite a few women who helped the company plant its flag as the ultimate name in wrestling.

Who Jim Ross Says Is The Most Valuable Female Wrestler He Hired
Jim Ross, seen here with former commentary partner Jerry "The King" Lawler, has named whom he thinks is the most valuable female wrestler he hired in WWE, courtesy of WWE.

On the most recent episode of his Grilling JR podcast, Ross named whom he considers the "most valuable" female wrestler that he ever hired during his time in WWE.  While he is responsible for bringing in such icons as LitaTrish Stratus, and Chyna, Ross instead went with someone whom he thinks was the most reliable and consistent of all of the women he hired.  That woman is Jackie Moore, known to fans of WWF's Attitude Era as Jacqueline.

Who Jim Ross Says Is The Most Valuable Female Wrestler He Hired
Former WWE Women's Champion Jacqueline, courtesy of WWE.

Quote via "I never hired a more valuable female than Jackie Moore, ever. Jackie was never late. Jackie was a professional, she could wrestle anybody of any gender that you wanted to book her with, and she would go out there and work snug, fundamentally sound. She was a big difference-maker." Ross also addressed some naysayer fans and the degrading nature of their criticisms of Moore. "I'm glad she's in the Hall of Fame and I despise the fact that people say 'She was in the Hall of Fame because they had to induct a female, and as a black female is even better.' That's bulls**t. She got in the Hall of Fame because of all of her years of service to the wrestling business, and how much her contributions were, and how we perceived her contributions. That's how I looked at it."

And Ross isn't wrong with anything he says here. Moore had a 25-year career in wrestling and is a 14-time USWA Women's Champion, a two-time WWE Women's Champion, a WWE Cruiserweight Champion, and was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2016.  While like all of the women in "The Attitude Era," she did her fair share of bikini contests and bra & panties matches, Moore was always much better than those spectacles and was always highly respected by her peers, both men & women.

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