The Next Xbox Console Will Just Be Called "Xbox"

A Hacker Is Holding The Xbox Series X Graphics Source Code Ransom

In what is going to be a very interesting plot to a film we have yet to see written, the Xbox Series X graphics source code has been stolen. It's not missing, it's just been hacked. Torrent Freak broke the news this week, starting with the fact that AMD filed at least two DMCA notices […]

mr. robot

On the 8th Day of "Mr. Robot," USA Network Gave to Us… Dom Under Pressure [PREVIEW]

It continues to look a lot like Mr. Robot – mas! Yes, in case you weren't already aware, friends, foes, and unaffiliated hackers, the upcoming fourth and final season of USA Network's hacker thriller drama is set in the most wonderful time of the year: Christmas – but in October. Beginning October 6, to be exact. Christmas is […]

Valve Has Paid Over $100k in Hacker Bounties

The things companies do to make sure hackers don't ruin their system is insane sometimes. Or at least the lengths they'll go to is pretty extreme. Take Valve, for example, who apparently has spent over $100,000 on bounties against hackers invading their system and games they provide. PCGamesN ran a story this weekend detailing the […]