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Ubisoft Unveils Stormzy and Aiden Pierce in Watch Dogs: Legion
Pearce is a hacker seeking revenge for the killing of his niece and goes up against mobsters, other hackers, and an evil megacorporation that's running a mass surveillance system on the city of Chicago. Aiden Pierce in "Watch Dogs: Legion", Ubisoft The game wants the player to regard Pearce as a hero since he's the playable character[...]
Screen Shot 2020-04-18 at 2.12.04 PM
On yesterday's WWE Friday Night Smackdown on Fox, the mysterious hacker returned once again, interrupting a match with a pre-recorded video message "We have heard all the lies," the hacker, voice disguised and cloaked in a black hood, said "But when will we hear the truth?" A video was shown featuring the Jimmy and Jay[...]
The Next Xbox Console Will Just Be Called "Xbox"
Github took down the repository it was sitting in, but not before another hacker alerted AMD that they are in possession of the source code and are holding it ransom. Credit: Microsoft The asking price? $100 million Basically they're offering to sell the code back to AMD, or to whoever would like to pony up the money[...]
mr. robot
Robot – mas! Yes, in case you weren't already aware, friends, foes, and unaffiliated hackers, the upcoming fourth and final season of USA Network's hacker thriller drama is set in the most wonderful time of the year: Christmas – but in October Beginning October 6, to be exact. Christmas is coming early, but that doesn't mean everything is all[...]
Valve Has Paid Over $100k in Hacker Bounties
The things companies do to make sure hackers don't ruin their system is insane sometimes Or at least the lengths they'll go to is pretty extreme Take Valve, for example, who apparently has spent over $100,000 on bounties against hackers invading their system and games they provide PCGamesN ran a story this weekend detailing the[...]