Hackers' Blackmail Gambit Fails As No One Wants To Download Leaked Episodes Of Steve Harvey's Funderdome


A hacker or group of hackers known collectively as The Dark Overlord, who were purportedly behind the theft of Netflix show Orange is the New Black, have released eight episodes of upcoming ABC game show Steve Harvey's Funderdome, as Bleeding Cool reported last night. ABC apparently refused to pay a ransom to prevent the show's release, so The Dark Overlord put the show on bit torrent sites. However, according to a report from The Independent, as of this morning, the torrent had "only one seeder and zero leechers" on popular piracy site The Pirate Bay.

Through our own nefarious sources, Bleeding Cool has obtained EXCLUSIVE footage of the hacker's plans to use Steve Harvey's Funderdome to blackmail ABC coming to fruition:

The fiasco follows the one with Orange is the New Black, where the hacker released only the first ten episodes, leaving the final three episodes available only to Netflix subscribers. As a result, the leaked episodes are likely to promote the show, getting viewers hooked and then forcing them to sign up to watch the ending. It's unclear if this will work the same for ABC as Steve Harvey's Funderdome, as game show episodes don't typically end on cliffhangers. However, game shows also aren't typically the sort of thing people torrent and binge watch, so it's unclear that releasing the episodes will have any effect whatsoever on ABC's ratings, other than that everyone is now actually talking about Steve Harvey's Funderdome, giving the show publicity it would never normally have received.

Is The Dark Overlord actually secretly working with networks to promote their shows, or just comically bad at blackmail? We'll all be waiting to see what transpires next.

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