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PrintWatch: The Department Of Truth, Hollow Heart, Haha, Crossover
The second printing of Hollow Heart #1 will be out on March 24th, the same date as the series' second issue.  The Department of Truth by James Tynion IV and Martin Simmond has had its second triple sell-out at the distributor and an accelerated order for reprints on issues #1, #4, and #5, after a 100,000+[...]
SCOOP: Haha Crosses Over With Ice Cream Man For Final Issue
It's a scoop! And ice-cream scoop! The hit series HaHa from W Maxwell Prince, the co-creator of Ice Cream Man from Image Comics with Martín Morazzo, is going to cross the streams I have no idea if this is going to help launch the much-rumoured shared continuity Image Comics universe we have been hearing about[...]
Advance Reorders
King In Black: Gwenom Vs Carnage topped the Advance Reorders list this week, beating the main King In Black series, with orders for BRZRKR and HaHa also gaining multiple places. King In Black, BRZRKR and HaHa Top Advance Reorder TOP 25 ADVANCE REORDER COMICS/GRAPHIC NOVELS/TPS  Publication Price Publisher KING IN BLACK GWENOM VS CARNAGE #1 (OF 3) 2ND PTG VAR $3.99 MARVEL COMICS BRZRKR[...]
Star Wars High Republic, Haha and Radiant Black Top Advance Reorders
Catching up with this week… the third printing of Star Wars: The High Republic topped advance reorders this week, with the second printing of HaHa right behind For new comics, there was a lot of Black around –  Radiant Black even topped the second printing of The King In Black, and Carnage Black White And[...]
W Maxwell Prince Launches Clown Anthology Comic, Haha, From Image
Named Haha, it will focus on clowns, and the first issue will be published in January 2021. W Maxwell Prince Launched New Clown Anthology Comic, Haha, From Image "I don't like clowns, so I thought it'd be a good idea to write about them," said W Maxwell Prince "What a gas, to get to partner with some[...]