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Stephen Mooney's Half Past Danger Returns With a Christmas Special
Mooney's creator-owned series Half Past Danger was first released by IDW Publishing back in 2013 and ran for two volumes It is a pulpy WWII story that pitted Staff Sergeant Tommy "Irish" Flynn, a soldier who thought he knew what monsters were, against a more literal group of monsters… dinosaurs Now, the series returns this[...]
half past danger
September 20th sees Stephen Mooney's follow-up series to Half Past Danger come out from IDW. With an elevator pitch of "an Irish Indiana Jones with dinosaurs," the first issue of the second series sees the cast punching, shooting, knifing, and generally doing harm to old-school Nazis. You know, just in case you are into that sort of thing[...]
Forty-Six Thoughts About Forty-Five Comics – Kick Ass 3, Black Science 1, Aphrodite IX, Damsels, Jonah Hex, Justice League Dark, Dark Shadows, Five Ghosts, Infinity Heist, Infinity Hunt, Nova, Conan, Itty Bitty Hellboy, Half Past Danger, Goon,  Infinity, Avengers Assemble, Powers, Doctor Who, THUNDER Agents, Ghostbusters, GI Joe, TMNT, Judge Dredd, Maxx, Peabody & Sherman, X-Files, Zombie Tales, Captain Midnight, Dark Knight, Criminal Macabre, Wolverine And The X-Men. Forever Evil: ARGUS, Teen Titans, Superman, Revival, Danger Girl, Morning Glories, Tom Strong, Walking Dead, Thief Of Thieves, Star Trek, Hawkeye, Flash, Aquaman
Though a few people seem to be emulating his look and tone. Like this fella from Half Past Danger… there's more to come as well. There's a lot of Fantastic Four here in Black Science #1 Probably a batch of Challengers Of The Unknown And definitely Lost In Space So let's talk in those terms[...]
IDW Sells Out Half Past Danger And Wild Blue Yonder, With Sales Figures
So, yes, there always is a bit of PR puffery associated with these kind of pieces, but we also get sold cold hard stats to number crunch and make value judgments from. Half Past Danger #1 is sold out,for example and it's going to go to a second print It sold 8,500 and garnered a couple[...]
Half Past Danger Launches With A Big Bang
Colin Mahoney writes… Queue outside the store pre-launch Big Bang Comics, the Dublin-based store behind the DICE convention, held the official launch of IDW's Half Past Danger last week Irish writer and artist Stephen Mooney was signing copies of issue one, and a limited edition numbered print (100) that was only available on the night. Stephen Mooney[...]
Stephen Mooney's Half Past Danger For IDW
is a new creator-owned series from long time IDW licensed comics artist Stephen Mooney, Half Past Danger. This looks like quite an incredible comic strip with flashes from Terry And The Pirates, Dan Dare and so much more An Irish marine, Tommy "Irish" Flynn, fighting for the USA in WW2, with a British agent Elizabeth Huntindon-Moss,[...]