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Halo Spartan Collection Pre-Orders Go Live on GameStop
We will also be getting Kat-B320 from the spin-off game Halo: Reach Each figure stands at 6.5" tall and they all come with retrospective weapons for each Chief gets his MA40 Rifle, the Spartan gets the VK78 Commando Rifle, and Kat will get 2 with M6V Spartan Laser and M6G Magnum. The Halo franchise has been[...]
DreamHack Will Hold A "Halo: Reach" Series In Anaheim
Some cool news for all the fans who have made Halo: Reach a top game on PC, as DreamHack will be holding a series for the game in 2020 The company didn't release a ton of info with the announcement, which came just before the holidays Simply that the tournament will be held at their[...]
Halo artwork (Credit: 343 Industries)
In case you've been having some issues with Halo: Reach as of late, 343 Industries are aware of them and are planning to fix it The developers sent out a holiday message to players letting them know they intend to do a little cleaning on the game, which includes stuttering and audio problems You can[...]
Halo artwork (Credit: 343 Industries)
Those of you who have been waiting to play Halo: Reach on PC are in luck, as Microsoft announced at XO19 it's coming next month While this is cool news, it comes with a bit of a snag, as you need to own Halo: The Master Chief Collection in order to make it work (To[...]
There's a 718% Pay Gap Between the Top Male and Female Esports Champions
So, there's hope she can close that gap a bit more over the coming seasons. Sidebar, there is a 157% pay gap between Sacha Hostyn and Min Chui Jang. And then there's Katherine Gunn, known as "Mystik" who has a focus on Halo: Reach She's part of Team EnVyUs and has won $122,000 since she started playing[...]
It Seems We Will Only Get Halo: Reach On Xbox One Via Backwards Compatbillity
The big question now has been a constant ask for Halo: Reach, Bungie's farewell to the universe, to join the collection. Well, we might well have an answer, although, I'm not sure you are going to like it much Answering a fan on Twitter, Xbox head Phil Spencer seemed to shut down the question by suggesting[...]