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Someone Tried To Cheat Bungie Out Of A Steak Dinner

One of the weirdest stories this week comes to us from Reddit as a player who tried to get Bungie to give them a steak dinner. The story goes all the way back to 2011, back when Bungie was still in charge of all things Halo. The company issued a challenge out to all of their players as part of a community event on July 7th, 2011, better known to longtime fans as Bungie Day. On this particular event, the company threw out one of the best challenges they've probably ever done with a prize worth your time to get. They offered up a steak dinner to anyone who managed to accomplish a specific feat: earning a Steaktacular medal against a team of developers. Which back then meant they would have had to beat the team by at least 20 kills. Not impossible, but highly improbable. But this week, someone tried to make the claim.

Imagine beating the mods of Halo Reach back in the day by 20 points. Courtesy of 343 Industries.
Imagine beating the mods of Halo Reach back in the day by 20 points. Courtesy of 343 Industries.

Over the weekend, a player went onto the Halo Reddit and tried to claim they did the challenge nine years ago and they were still owed a steak dinner. They even provided an image of them earning the medal as proof. Sympathetic fans took to the post and asked for a moderator to be tagged so they could get the player their well-earned steak! However, less than a day later, the truth came out as mods investigated the player's claims to show that not only did the photo not provide any proof that they earned the medal of July 7th, 2011, but that their Gamertag showed they hadn't even played a game on the servers that day. Because, yes, Bungie kept records! We're not entirely sure what the lesson here is beyond "don't lie", but of all the things to lie about in a digital age with record-keeping, a steak dinner seems pretty low on the list.

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