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Amazon Glitchwatch: Marvel's Hardcovers From Season One To Runaways…
Right now, a bunch of Marvel hardcovers are available on Amazon.com for knock down prices – often less than the paperback equivalent. They are likely to be limited in number, but if you're after those Season One hardcovers, a bunch of Runaways, Ultimate books or Fear Itself crossovers, there'd plenty to be had here. Fill your boots… X-Men:[...]
Gone Amazon Fishing – DC Mad Libs, Neil Gaiman, Walking Dead And Jim Henson
Now readers new and old can experience it from the very beginning in this series of deluxe, oversized, ultimate collection hardcovers! The Savage Dragon Ultimate Collection Volume 1 contains the entire mini-series introducing the world's first superpowered police officer, The Dragon #1-5, and the very first arc of his ongoing series, Savage Dragon #1-7. In case[...]
Rick Remender Meets The Free Market
We ran a piece on Marvel's promise to keep trade paperbacks and hardcovers in stock for longer Rick Remender has come face to face with one of the problems… Can anyone tell me why Uncanny X-Force: Deathlok Nation [Hardcover] is going for $80-100? — Rick Remender (@Remender) November 17, 2012 Is there an after market for trades where[...]
Marvel To Liquidate Stacks Of Hardcover Stock
Just as DC Comics did recently, Marvel Comics are liquidating the following hardcovers to retailers at massive discounts  to retailers right now As you can see, some of these are already unavailable to Amazon. but some are already at up to 60% off. It is likely that the direct market comic stores will suck many of[...]
Jack Of All Trades #3 By Dave Wallace: Get With The Program
Then, for the most popular series, you can expect more luxurious oversized hardcovers even later than that. However, this pattern doesn't hold true for every series Marvel publishes–and even a single series can find itself being collected in different ways for different story arcs (To pluck an example from the top of my head, fans who[...]
Jack Of All Trades #2 by Dave Wallace: OOPs I Did It Again
No, I'm not secretly a Britney Spears fan.) Marvel, in particular, seems to have a habit of running off just a single, limited print run for certain collections–especially their big hardcovers and omnibuses–which leads to availability drying up within a year or so, meaning that the books can only be obtained second-hand at exorbitant prices[...]