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An Ultimate Fan Favorite Scream Character to Return for Scream 6
Back in when it was confirmed that Scream 4, Heroes, and Nashville alum Hayden Panettiere was officially returning to the upcoming slasher film Scream 6 (title TBA), the fandom nearly exploded. After horror icon Wes Craven eventually teased her survival on Twitter and the Scream 4 commentary, fans maintained hope that the next-gen movie buff could have[...]
An Ultimate Fan Favorite Scream Character to Return for Scream 6
It was recently announced that Hayden Panettiere would return to her role as Kirby Reed for the upcoming sixth installment of Scream It became one of the most unexpected and exciting genre returns in over a decade Now with the news that Neve Campbell has (understandably) chosen to sit out of Scream 6, this could potentially[...]
An Ultimate Fan Favorite Scream Character to Return for Scream 6
Many love the genre intellect of Randy, or the comedic presence of Jennifer Jolie, but a massive portion of the fandom immediately fell for the unexpected scream queen Hayden Panettiere as Kirby Reed over 10 years ago (which totally includes us as well). Now, as Scream 6 (official title TBD) gears up for a summer production,[...]
What If They Didn't Save The Cheerleader? – Heroes Reborn Promo
In this latest clip from Heroes Reborn we learn that Claire (Hayden Panettiere) is dead and her father Noah Bennett (Jack Coleman) is still grieving But Claire had a healing ability… so what could kill her? Heroes Reborn starts September 24th on NBC. [youtube]https://youtu.be/FjsnE-YDbc4[/youtube] The mantra of the original Heroes television series was "Save the cheerleader, save the[...]
Eliza Dushku Stakes Daily Mail Over Hayden Panettiere
The Daily Mail ran a piece the other day in which it criticised Hayden Panettiere for charging $30 a signature at the Fan Expo Canada in Toronto this past weekend, claiming that she must have fallen on hard times. Weird, since I featured her doing the same at Big Apple Comic Con right in the middle[...]