Jenna Ortega Briefly Mentions Kirby's Iconic Return to Scream 6

It was recently announced that Hayden Panettiere would return to her role as Kirby Reed for the upcoming sixth installment of Scream. It became one of the most unexpected and exciting genre returns in over a decade. Now with the news that Neve Campbell has (understandably) chosen to sit out of Scream 6, this could potentially be the perfect opportunity to revisit the fan-favorite persona as another rightful leading lady in Scream.

An Ultimate Fan Favorite Scream Character to Return for Scream 6
Scream 4: Hayden Panettiere | Paramount Pictures & Spyglass Media Group

More recently, during the MTV Movie & TV Awards, Scream star Jenna Ortega spoke to Entertainment Tonight on the red carpet, where she spoke about her own upcoming return to Scream 6. When the interviewer asked about Kirby's return, Ortega teased, "I'm not even going to try to touch on it," Ortega says regarding Panettiere's return before adding, "She has been one of my favorite characters in the franchise for a long time, so the fact that her character gets to come back and redeem herself is really exciting."

Obviously, because of the franchise's secrecy, people are already taking the word "redeem" very literally and interpreting it as a major role for Kirby, which is exactly what the vast majority of Scream fans are hoping to see as well. With Scream 6 starting production in just a few days, hopefully, we'll start to get tidbits of interviews and announcements that give us an idea of what direction the film will take now that Sidney is stepping away from the franchise and the remaining survivors are stepping up.

In the same interview with Entertainment Tonight, Ortega referred to the film as the most brutal yet, explaining, "Ghostface gets a lot more intimidating. I just read part of the script, and it just gets more and more gory. I think that this is probably the most aggressive and violent version of Ghostface we've ever seen, which I think will really be fun to shoot."

Scream 6 is set to be released theatrically on March 31, 2022, from Paramount Pictures and Spyglass Media Group.

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