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PGA Tour 2K21 Shows Off Their Expert Course Mapping
2K Games and HB Studios decided to show off a little more detail behind PGA Tour 2K21 as they highlighted course mapping As weird as that sounds, it's a pretty important factor in the game as they have been going around and expertly mapping out some of the biggest and most well-known golf courses that[...]
PGA Tour 2K21 Main Art
The game features pro-golfer Justin Thomas as the cover athlete for this game, which was developed by HB Studios, the studio behind The Golf Club 2019 Featuring PGA Tour So yes, 2K got a company who already made an awesome golf title to work on this one The game includes 15 licensed PGA Tour courses, completely scanned for[...]
2K Games Hypes The Golf Club 2019 After Tiger Woods Victory
The HB Studios title is getting an extra promotional bump after Tiger Woods' victory over the weekend, especially since it features the PGA Tour as part of the game It's been out for roughly a month now for digital download, you can check out the trailer as well as the game's description 2K isn't the[...]